it’s really windy outside.

March 9, 2009 at 2:59 am | Posted in Random, Thoughts | Leave a comment

this weekend was uncommonly warm for march. i’m not sure of the exact temperatures but right now, at 3:30am, it’s 58 degrees outside according to this is not going to last. mother nature can be such a tease.

like recent past weekends, i spent the whole thing with my boyfriend. we don’t do anything unbelievably exciting, but i love our weekends together. let’s see… friday i watched him play his new baseball game on xbox 360. unlike a lot of girls, i don’t really mind doing this. for one thing, i’m ridiculously excited for baseball season this year. why? i have no idea. the pirates are awful and i don’t even have the money to buy tickets to any games right now anyway. i guess i just like the ballpark atmosphere. pnc park is amazing and if you’ve never been there, i highly suggest you check it out. secondly, i like video games. i’ll play. i’ll watch. i spent a good portion of my college career watching my roommates play grand theft auto and halo and i really didn’t mind one bit. i know, i’m weird. on saturday we got lunch at dairyland, which is this tiny little mom and pop store down the street from his house. and it’s really good! well, both times i had this thing called a “chicken salad triple”. it’s basically a club sandwich but with turkey salad (according to the menu. shouldn’t it be called a “turkey salad triple” then?) instead of deli meat and some thousand island dressing thrown in there too. it’s amazing. later on, i got of the courage to allow my sister to cut my hair again. the first time she did it, i asked for 2 inches or so to be trimmed and ended up with around 6 inches chopped off. she was just learning. the end result didn’t look bad at all, but it was way shorter than i had asked for. this time, she did exactly what i wanted. way to go lil sis! then i went back to the boyfriend’s house for more video games, pizza and saturday night live. dwayne “the rock” johnson was the host and it was pretty funny. however, the “macgruber” skit? so not funny. please, in the off chance that someone from NBC or SNL is reading this, axe the “macgruber” skit. it’s awful. today, we went to the mall around 5pm forgetting that it closes at 5. ha! but we still ended up at best buy across the street where boyfriend bought a few movies and i bought him something for his birthday. i really like our relaxing weekends.

next weekend is not going to be so relaxing. friday night, he’s staying at my house so we can get up early the next day because saturday is… ST PATRICK’S DAY!! by far my favorite holiday. we’re trying to start at 7am. i honestly don’t care how long we last. i’m getting lame in my old age. but it’s fine. you spend less money that way.

tomorrow i have an appointment and/or interview for a job i do not want. i honestly don’t know why i’m even going to this job interview thingy other than the fact that i have no clue when i’ll get another interview. the economy sucks and if this job hunt is going to go anything like past job hunts, it’s going to be a little while until i’m sitting at a desk again. ah well. hopefully i get approved for unemployment in the meantime so i can come on here to write about all the crappy daytime tv i’m watching! jerry! jerry! jerry!


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