feeling a little better about myself.

March 10, 2009 at 12:51 am | Posted in Random, Thoughts | Leave a comment

i was semi-productive, at least in the pm hours of today. i should totally be sleeping right now but i’m not even tired. i just kind of finished (well, at least for tonight) cleaning my room. i went through the PILES of letters/bills i’ve had stacked up on my dresser for well over 6 months. i’m doing laundry. loads and loads of laundry. we’re talking like probably 2 months worth.

tomorrow i’m going to move my broken stereo downstairs to the basement. it takes up way too much space in my room and maybe my dad can salvage it in some way. it doesn’t play cds but the radio and tape players appear to work. whooooo still has cassette tapes? well, i do actually. i found a shoebox full of old cassettes in my closet a couple months ago. some of them are those mixed tapes people used to make by taping songs off the radio which… is… awesome. most of them are old singles. yes, SINGLES! i know one of them is me singing mariah carey’s version of “without you” in one of those recording booths from cedar point from when i took a trip there with the student council in the summer between 7th and 8th grade. was that the beginning of my karaoke stardom? who knows?

also tomorrow, i’m going to dust (!!!) and vacuum the floor because there is cat fur EVERYWHERE. most of the cat fur is from evil kitty who feels the need to sleep in my room. ugh. i also need to organize my shoes. i made the mistake of not keeping any of the boxes for the shoes so i don’t really have anything to put them in but i will do my best.

it’s almost 2am but i’m feeling saucy, so i think i’ll do my taxes. we all know i neeeeed the money. cheers!


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