i really need a job.

March 19, 2009 at 12:05 am | Posted in Random | Leave a comment

so i’ve been posting a LOT of links on my facebook page the last few days. mostly because i’m home and i get easily distracted while searching for a new job. (sidenote: i had an interview today with a company that used to deal with a company i used to work for. score! stay tuned to see if they aren’t completely retarded and give me the job.)

anyhoo… i decided that since i have this fancy schmancy blog going on over here, i’d post the links i find here as well. if nothing else, it’ll give me content to write about so that later on, in the off chance that someone else actually reads this, maybe they’ll get a little chuckle out of it. so here goes…

>> i’ve become an avid fan of f*** my life. some of the things people post are pretty lame. you can tell it was written by a melodramatic high school kid. some of them actually make me laugh out loud. like this little gem:

Today, at the dinner table my parents were talking to my younger sister about her new boyfriend and how they should be taking it slow. My sister then pointed out that that’s not what I do. My dad said, “Believe me I know- your sister’s easier to get into than community college.” FML

too freakin funny. some parents can be so cruel.

>> the next one isn’t so much funny as it is delicious! it’s a meat cake. yes… a meat cake. it’s basically 3 huge burgers layered like a cake with ketchup and worcestershire (sp?) sauce in between the layers and “iced” with mashed potatoes. the inventor of this needs to become my best friend. period. we need to brainstorm to see what other artery clogging yumminess we can create. i have some ideas of my own. which brings me to…

>> thisiswhyyourefat.com – a blog of reader-submitted “deliciously gross” food. most of it is just gross but there are a few things thrown in there that are somewhat appetizing. like this: it’s called a “blitz blintz”. while i could not eat the whole thing, i do love me some ranch on my pizza. let’s just cut out the middle-man that is dipping and make a pizza/ranch taco…thing. i just now saw that the meat cake has wandered it’s way to that page as well. kudos. i’d still eat it. (i promise i’m not fat!)

>> yousuckatcraigslist.com – more specifically, this post. the website is, again, reader-submitted listings on craigslist that basically make you go “wtf?” so back to the specific post referenced above… like the page says, i don’t suggest you read the entire thing (i did and it’s exhausting) but if you must, go for it. seriously, the guy has pictures at the bottom of his post. he’s not bad looking at all and he has a decent bod. maybe if he laid of the cocaine and stopped watching alf reruns he would be able to find a girlfriend and wouldn’t have to troll craigslist. and really? “a very brady sequel” is one of your favorite movies? i’m just sayin…

>> and then there’s this: jizz in my pants! probably one of the funniest songs to come out of SNL in a loooong time. i’m slowly becoming a huge andy sanberg fan.

in short… i reeeeeeally need a job!


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