sounds of work

October 15, 2009 at 8:50 am | Posted in Random | Leave a comment

about 30 feet away to my direct right, two guys are arguing in pretty heated voices about something. guy #1 doesn’t understand why guy #2 is upset because guy #1 doesn’t use something in the same manner as guy #2, according to guy #2.

about 3 feet to my direct left is a woman who is new this week. she is on the phone all… day… long. she has the type of voice that sounds like she should be a suicide hotline operator. she sounds like lillith from “frasier” without all the angst. she could talk anyone down from a ledge but it’s making me want to jump out the window. odd?

at about 1 o’clock and about 10 feet away is a person in a cubicle. no idea who this person is but he/she apparently has some sort of obsessive compulsive disorder. they are either drinking one of those starbucks frappucino things in the glass bottles or eating something from a mug with a spoon but they keep picking it up and putting it down every 10 or 15 seconds. so every 10 or 15 seconds i hear that sound of glass or ceramic being set down on the desk along with a metal lid or spoon. if you need to eat/drink something that often, don’t put it down. i’m just saying.

side note: in case you haven’t noticed, i got a job in april. i need to update this more often.


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