i don’t know how anorexics do it.

October 20, 2009 at 1:15 am | Posted in Rants and Raves | Leave a comment

i’ve been sick for a little over a week but it definitely came to a head this weekend. i woke up on sunday with a fever of 103.2 and i felt extreeeemely crappy. that’s pretty much been the norm since then. my fever has gone down but not enough for me to go back to work. especially since… i haven’t been eating a lot because i’m pretty much glued to my bed. i got a shower today and had to sit down halfway through it because i thought i was going to pass out. i definitely need to eat more tomorrow and get my strength back before i can go back to work. i hope my boss doesn’t hate me but ugh… i can’t go to work if i can’t even stand up long enough to get a shower. this is where the paradox comes in. i’m way too sick to go to work but i feel bad not going because i don’t want my coworkers to think i’m faking it. which i’m definitely not. OR i could go in and cough all over them and prove that i really am sick. okay, i’m done.

/sick rant


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