so sometimes i blog while i’m at work

November 9, 2009 at 10:33 am | Posted in Random | 1 Comment

i’m going to start going to the gym today. i’ve been meaning to do this for months but something always comes up. like sleep. sleep is very important to me. i get enough sleep to usually make it through the day without being tired but as soon as i leave work, i crash. so, i have 2 goals for going to the gym:

1) i want to tone up and lose weight because my 10 year high school reunion is coming up in 3 weeks. i was a stick in high school and i’ve gained some weight since then. it’s for myself more than what people might think. i don’t necessarily care that people might be all, “omg did you see how much weight alison gained?” because i really haven’t gained THAT much. it’s more for me. i need a goal to get my ass in gear so this is my goal.

2) i decided to run a 5k on thanksgiving and i’m waaaaayyyy out of shape. if i don’t condition myself a little before that day comes, i’m pretty sure i’ll die. most people train for marathons or triathalons. i’m training for the turkey trot.


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  1. 1. i blog at work almost daily
    2. come to alexanders with me!
    3. i was going to sign up for a turkey trot, but i know i would die. maybe next year.

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