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November 12, 2009 at 11:32 am | Posted in Rants and Raves | Leave a comment

balloon boy’s parents are going to plead guilty to creating a hoax. the husband is going to plead guilty to a felony offense of attempting to influence a public servant. the wife is pleading guilty to creating a false report to authorities or however you say it. according to an attorney’s statement, “Mayumi Heene is a citizen of Japan. As such, any felony conviction or certain misdemeanors would result in her deportation, even though her husband and children are Americans.” oh darn. the only thing is, if she’s out of the country, the kids will be stuck with her psycho of a husband, provided he isn’t behind bars. and furthermore, i have a question. the kid was found in the attic right? he wasn’t actually IN the balloon, am i wrong? so… shouldn’t he be called “attic boy”? balloon boy is basically false advertisement.

“People who knew and studied Maj. Nidal Hasan say he was a loner who had no luck finding a wife, and a criminal profiler said the Fort Hood shooting suspect fits the profile of a mass murderer better than that of a terrorist.” …GTFO. you don’t say??? how many people that have committed crimes as heinous as this one had gaggles of friends and girlfriends (or boyfriends for that matter) who were banging down their door on friday nights just itching to hang out with them? i can’t remember any. besides, if they had lots of friends and a social schedule that was just bursting at the seams, when would they have time to plan this stuff out? how about we monitor all these “loners” from the time they are in high school? let’s start a coalition to delete their world of warcraft accounts and sign them up for the soccer team or something. the world will be a safer place.

[semi-politicalish rant] apparently, the catholic diocese have sent over $500,000 to the campaign against gay marriage in maine. here’s a link to a story about that. i think this is awesome. there are hungry people all over the country (all over the WORLD for that matter), and they send half a million dollars to fund reversing a bill that says joe schmoe and john doe can get married. WHO CARES??? honestly, if the gay couple that lives next door wants to declare their everlasting love for each other in front of their family and friends, who are we to tell them they can’t? how is it harming us? the big argument is by keeping gay people from getting married, we are protecting the sanctity of marriage. apparently gays will wreck it. um… new flash. isn’t the divorce rate over 50% right now? i’m pretty sure us straight folks have more than effed up the “sanctity” of marriage. isn’t getting divorced and remarried against the catholic religion too? how many divorced/remarried catholics do you know? i guess we’ll see them in hell sitting between clay aiken and lance bass. this is why organized religion is bullshit in my opinion. [/semi-political rant]

sorry about all this. i had yesterday off and today feels like monday 2.0 for me and i’m all revved up and annoyed. i’ll go now.


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