realistic christmas list

December 4, 2009 at 4:21 pm | Posted in Thoughts | 1 Comment

okay, i’m caving. i couldn’t think of anything for weeks but i came up with a semi short list of more realistic gift ideas.

first, a gps.

i have one on my phone, but it doesn’t do the turn by turn thing. i’m not a moron. i can navigate myself without needing a little computerized voice telling me where to turn and whatnot, but not having to constantly look at my blackberry in my lap while i’m driving would definitely be a little safer. i’m not picky as to what kind of gps i get. i don’t need a subscription for traffic updates or anything like that. just a gps. kthnx.

next, an xbox 360.

(i post pictures to avoid confusion when i send this link to my parents and siblings. hehe.) i have a playstation 2 that i use to play games (obviously) and also as a dvd player. however, it won’t recognize any new dvds that i buy. i just got this pretty huge tv and i can’t watch movies on it because my ps2 won’t recognize them. plus, i’d like to get rockband and waiting for rockband to load on a ps2 will pretty much have me jumping out a window. i’m just sayin…

next, and more realistically, “fresh prince of bel air” on dvd.

i love, love, LOVE this show. i would like to watch it from start to finish like i’ve done with “friends”, “sex and the city”, “the office”, “how i met your mother”, etc. i apparently have too much time on my hands.

next, “slc punk” on dvd.

i rented this movie years ago at the suggestion of my brother i think and i loved it. everytime i see it sold somewhere, it’s like $30. i’m a cheap ass. i’m not spending $30 on a dvd. (this is why i want an xbox 360 rather than a ps3. i won’t be buying blu-ray dvds anytime soon.) i’m sure it’s cheaper now as the movie is a couple years older but i’m also a lazy ass and don’t feel like looking for it. i’m sure amazon has some copies floating around that can be bought on the cheap.

neeeeexxxxt, best buy gift cards.

this is honestly what i want the most. i really want to get the digital slr i wrote about in my “unrealistic list” and i figure if i get gift cards instead of money, it will plant a seed in my head that i only have X amount of money to save before i can get said camera. rather than money, which i can deposit in my bank account and absentmindedly spend on garbage.

last, but not least, gift cards to various stores so i can buy new clothes.

i’m tired of looking like a homeless person at work. i’m told i don’t really look that bad but i’d like to look like i get paid more than i actually do. you know… maybe if i dress the part, it’ll happen? probably not, but… i need more clothes. i have a lot of garbage that i picked up at various stores over the years that i still wear and people say i look okay but… meh. i’m underwhelmed when i have to get dressed for work in the morning. i’m starting to get a little ballsier and experimental when it comes to fashion (if that’s what you want to call it) outside of work so why not bring that into work? when i say “ballsier and experimental”, i mean thinking outside the “black dress pants and sweater” box. some of the stores where i like to shop for work clothes are ny and company (pretty cheap and i like their stuff) and kohl’s (great deals!). i also like target too.

so that’s my list for now. spend away! and tell me what you want because i’m completely lost when buying gifts too. otherwise, i’ll start making gifts and nobody wants that.


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