this is a public service announcement

December 17, 2009 at 10:00 am | Posted in Rants and Raves | Leave a comment

attention everyone! the next person that boo’s me because A) i have to cancel plans with you because i forgot i already had plans with someone else or to do something else or B) you ask me what i’m doing at 7pm on a friday night and i’m already out somewhere or C) i don’t want to drive for 45 minutes to hang out with you at a VFW in the middle of hicktown, etc… you won’t have to worry about ever trying to make plans with me again because i will no longer want to deal with you. i have been boo’ed somewhere in the area of 5 times in the last 2 weeks because of conflicting schedules or bad timing and frankly, i’m really fucking tired of hearing it.

so this is a warning to all of you. make plans in advance. i’ll do what i can to remember our plans and accommodate but… don’t get pissed because you want to hang out omgrightnowgetoverhere and i can’t because i’m 50 miles away or i’m already out doing something. don’t get pissed if i forget i already have plans (hey, shit happens) and have to cancel with you. don’t get pissed if i don’t want to drive to east jabumfuck to hang with you (have you SEEN gas prices lately???) whenever you NEVER drive my way to hang out with me. and definitely don’t get pissed if you’ve been ignoring me for 2 months and all of a sudden want to hang out and i don’t jump at the chance. i’m a very nice person but i’m tired of this shit and i’m not going to put up with it any longer.


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