happy new year?

December 29, 2009 at 12:29 pm | Posted in Thoughts | 2 Comments

so i was going to write a post about how badly 2009 sucked. because quite frankly, it did. i’ve never been an optimist so why start now, right? i mean, i lost a job. i got a new job i don’t like that much and pays pretty poorly. a relationship ended and it was quite possibly the hardest break-up i’ve had to deal with. then the other half of that relationship continued to torment me and make me miserable for a number of months afterwards. michael jackson died. patrick swayze died. farrah fawcett died. a gross amount of other celebrities died. a former classmate died way too young. the pirates sucked again. the steelers are kinda sucking as well…

and then i read this post from “girls just wanna have funds” and it made me think about a lot of things. so rather than write a post about how much 2009 sucked, i will list things that were pretty awesome (in no particular order):

  • my family and friends are all healthy (*knocks on wood*) and happy.
  • my new “neice” katelyn was born in august!
  • i’ve actually had a job for most of 2009. 2008 brought a lot of bad luck for me on the job front.
  • i met some pretty amazing people and made lots of new friends.
  • the steelers won the superbowl.
  • the pens won the stanley cup.
  • i haven’t had any major expenses pop up to stress me out (again *knocks on wood*).
  • my brother got engaged.
  • i got to go on vacation with friends to hilton head. my first vacation in years!!!
  • i finally got to see my favorite band LIVE! even if i had to go to cleveland for it.
  • found the best nachos EVER while in cleveland. no lie. and i will continue to talk about this until i find something comparable in pittsburgh.
  • my high school reunion was in november and it was an absolute blast. it was so great seeing everyone again!
  • for as many times as people have let me down this year, the same amount of people have surprised me. i’m taking a chance on someone right now who wouldn’t give up on me, even after being told again and again it wouldn’t happen. and so far, i’m glad i took that chance.
  • i’ve realized over and over again how great my best friends really are and why i am so glad they are in my life.
  • a new year is in essence a “fresh start”. granted, you can’t put last year completely behind you but like that post says, rather than carry a supposed “bad year” into a new one, do exactly what the new year implies. make it new. do what you can to make it better than this year. you know what went wrong this year so try to not make the same mistakes in the new year. and rather than make a list of resolutions (because we all know how resolutions usually end up), these are reasons why 2010 will be awesome:

  • cliche? yes. but i am going to lose weight and just get healthier in general in 2010.
  • i am going on a hunt for my niche and i am going to find it or at least be well on my way to finding it by the end of 2010.
  • i will save up enough money to buy a digital SLR camera which will hopefully help me find my niche. it’s all connected really… hehe.
  • i am also going to save enough money on a monthly basis so that i can move out of my parents’ house (again!) and get my own place. i’m 28 for eff’s sake.
  • i am going to try to not focus on the negative so much (hey, it’s the way i was raised) and rather focus on positive aspects of life. this should bring an overall happier me for 2010. hopefully. (this is my attempt at optimism. just roll with it.)
  • check back in 12 months to see how i’m doing. or before that of course. i’d like my 2 readers to keep reading… 😉



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