so far in 2010…

January 12, 2010 at 3:39 pm | Posted in Thoughts | Leave a comment

we’re on day 12 here in 2010. so far? not too bad! the steelers didn’t make the playoffs and the pens are in a slump but… that really doesn’t have anything to do with me personally. just bums me out.

as far as IIIII go… doing well. new years eve/day was a good time. i went to a party with a bunch of friends and, while i honestly don’t remember the 2nd half of the night, it was fun. the next day was marisa’s birthday so more partying was in order. i was way more well behaved that time.

at work, i got moved from my small building to a bigger building with way more people around in a way more high-profile spot. i’ve actually been working pretty hard and feel like i accomplished something at the end of the day. weird, isn’t it?

lindsey got a new job and moved to erie so i officially have no more close work friends. i mean, i have people i still talk to but nobody i can really TAAALK to. i guess that also helps with all the work i’m getting done eh?

the winter cornhole season started and my team won our first game 3-0. we really killed the other team. i felt bad for a second then i got over it. turns out, that team went and complained to the league about cornhole being very disorganized so… i have a new 2nd “job” as cornhole commissioner. haha… i basically get paid to hang out and make sure games are played on time and answer any questions people might have. not a bad gig.

saving up for my camera is officially underway and in less than 2 weeks, i have saved up $175. i figure if i keep this up, i’ll have my camera by march! THAT is really exciting. doesn’t take much to get me going. i’ve also found all kinds of other gizmos i kinda want. i had heard about this girl, iJustine and started reading her blog again. she has all kinds of neat stuff. she’s from pittsburgh and she’s close to my age but… i’m not sure if she has an actual job other than blogging and she gets to do all kinds of cool stuff. anyway, she was holding this thing called a flip camcorder. it’s a video camera that is no bigger than an ipod but they can shoot HD video and they’re fairly inexpensive. that will possibly be my next purchase after i get my digital SLR. unless i feel the need to start saving up for that macbook…

as for other things i want to accomplish this year… the holiday weight is coming off pretty quickly. but my weight fluctuates so much to begin with, i’m not very surprised. i haven’t joined a gym or anything yet but i’m waiting for the new year resolution crowd to die down. gyms are pretty busy for about the first month of the year and attendance starts to dwindle once people give up.

hmmm… that’s really about it for right now. just saving saving saving! if i can have one of my 2010 goals done in march, that would be quite an accomplishment!


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