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February 2, 2010 at 12:46 am | Posted in Rants and Raves, Relationships | Leave a comment

rather than being asleep as i had originally planned tonight, i find myself up after midnight once again. so i’m randomly going through craiglist because of a link a friend posted on facebook, and i came across this post in the missed connections section. i think lots of girls should read this (one person comes to mind in particular, but i won’t single her out).

it’s completely true. like the poster says in “principal one”, most guys have been chasing girls since high school. if you’re a man, my age and single, that’s a good 10+ years of the chase. that has to be exhausting! i would be sick of it too. especially when they no doubt run into countless girls who probably snub them in a not-so-friendly manner (read: they act like snobby bitches — i’ve seen it with my own two eyes) because, as this guy says it, “…guys do hit on you at bars. They just aren’t the guys you like.” i’m not exactly the type of person that will go up and start a conversation with a guy in a bar, but you don’t hear me bitching that they aren’t talking to me do ya?

i honestly have no clue where i’m going with this, or why i’m even posting about it. it’s late. read the post. the guy makes a lot of valid points.


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