i don’t know when this became a political blog but i promise i’ll stop soon…

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so i’m on the bus heading downtown and i turn my ipod on. somehow, a podcast of “real time with bill maher” from march 13th 2009 wandered on to it. not realizing it said 2009, i start to listen. i quickly realized it was an old episode when bill maher said something about sarah palin’s daughter, bristol, breaking up with her baby daddy, levi… but i continued to listen for old time’s sake.

the guests on this episode were steven pearlstein, andrew breitbart and michael eric dyson. within minutes of listening to pearlstein speaking with maher, he lost any credibility he might have had at the start. maher starts off talking to pearlstein about bernie madoff going to jail that day and how if madoff was a drug dealer, the government would have raided his apartment, seized his things and sold them months ago. pearlstein says, “they DID raid everything that bernie madoff owned and they held it, but he didn’t own that much. that’s the problem, isn’t it?” maher is a little shocked at this statement and, quite frankly, so was i. from wikipedia (yes, i realize wikipedia can be edited by users):

According to a March 13, 2009 filing by Madoff, he and his wife were worth up to $126 million, plus an estimated $700 million for the value of his business interest in Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC. Other major assets included securities ($45 million), cash ($17 million), half-interest in BLM Air Charter ($12 million), a 2006 Leopard yacht ($7 million), jewelry ($2.6 million), Manhattan apartment ($7 million), Montauk home ($3 million), Palm Beach home ($11 million), Cap d’ Antibes, France property ($1 million), and furniture, household goods, and art ($9.9 million).

let’s do the math here kids. that is $941,500,000 roughly. just his seizable assets totaled over $70 million. but he didn’t own that much. [insert eye roll here]

sometimes, i don’t understand where conservatives get their so-called “facts”. but this is really far away from the point of this post.

moving on to andrew breitbart and michael eric dyson, bill maher says breitbart, tonight’s resident conservative, must be a bright guy “because he’s got ‘bright’ right in his name”. breitbart starts out fairly strong and reasonable but takes little time to discredit maher’s assumption. further into the discussion, maher basically says that rush limbaugh is a racist. come on, this isn’t necessarily groundbreaking news. however, breitbart is extremely offended by this. he is totally taken aback that anyone in their right mind could call rush limbaugh a racist. credibility = gone. this sends dyson into a rant and rightfully so. the audience quickly starts booing almost everything breitbart says… and rightfully so! a quick google search will give you many… MANY… quotes from limbaugh that are blatantly racist. i can’t imagine anyone reading these quotes and not agreeing that they are essentially racist.

and this brings me to a problem i’ve noticed lately. actually, since the last election campaign. in all honesty, while i have been leaning to the left as far as my opinions go in recent years (can you blame me?), most of my viewpoints are somewhere around the middle. throughout the entire presidential campaign, the republican side appeared to use fear tactics to get people to vote for their side. nevermind obama’s plans and ideas… he’s a muslim and wasn’t born in the united states and he’s a terrorist and omg the country is going to fall apart with him in office!!!!


and now, after the recent passing of the health care reform bill (woohoo!), the fear mongering continues. [pardon me while i pick on sarah palin for a bit here but she makes it so darn easy!] she was recently quoted:

“That bumper sticker that maybe you’ll see on the next Subaru driving by — an Obama bumper sticker — you should stop the driver and say, ‘So how is that hopey, changey thing working out for ya?'”

so… you want your supporters to stop cars with obama/biden bumper stickers in the middle of the road and start a fight? oh wait, you mean you didn’t want your supporters to take you literally? tell that to harry k. weisiger who took what you said QUITE literally and rammed his SUV into the back of another vehicle several times because it had an obama/biden sticker.

there’s also the twitter update she posted after “obamacare” passed, urging supporters:

don't retreat, reload?

and the map from her website, sarahpac.com, using crosshairs to pinpoint the 20 democrats in the house that she’s “targeting”?


i’m beyond words.

the problem isn’t WHAT the sarah palins and rush limbaughs and glenn becks of this country are saying. the first amendment says they can say whatever the hell they want. it’s HOW they say it and WHO they say it to. they’re saying it to millions of people who tune into their radio programs and twitter pages and tv shows who take what they say quite literally. they’re saying it to millions of people who, rather than research what they’ve heard to find if it’s factual or not, will turn around and spew it to other people via their own twitter accounts and facebook pages. then it becomes a virus and we have uninformed people becoming irate and flying off the handle and… well… ramming their car into another car because of a bumper sticker. in case you haven’t noticed, this country is full of crazy people. you need another example? how about 23 year old richard poplawski who shot and killed 3 pittsburgh police officers with an AK-47 last april. and… get this… he was afraid the obama administration was planning to ban guns. where do you think he got THAT idea?

the bottom line is, people are listening. people are believing in you and in your words. people are going to take action no matter how ill-advised that action may be. there’s a certain responsibility that these people in the media need to take for what they say. and true to form, they’d much rather point fingers and flip stories around and deny deny deny.


and that is why my political opinions will lean as far away as i can get from whatever direction those people are heading.


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