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anyone that knows me knows i’m a proud pittsburgher. i moved away for school for a few years and then back. then i moved to DC for a few months and then i came back. when i moved back the last (and probably final) time, i couldn’t have been happier to be back. DC is great to visit, but i wouldn’t recommend living there. you think pittsburgh traffic is bad? HA! child’s play.

my first “real” job when i moved back to pittsburgh was on the 31st floor of the freemarkets center on 6th ave. the fax machine that i had to use fairly frequently was located literally right up against the window. anyone that knows me also knows that i am terrified of heights. faxing was the scariest part of my day. but one day, i remember going to the fax machine and looking out the window at the buildings around me, the streets below, mount washington, the fort pitt bridge, etc, all of which could be seen from said fax machine area. all of the uneasiness of being literally 2 inches from falling to my death left me and happiness washed over me. i was home.


anyway, the reason for this post is because every day i realize i am not the only one that feels this sense of pride about pittsburgh. we don’t live in the biggest, busiest city ever. pittsburgh isn’t the easiest city to get around. we have potholes year round that would swallow a school bus. the winters are cold and the summers are excrutiatingly hot and humid. but we love it. it’s who we are and we absolutely love it.

in recent years, i’ve been stumbling upon a ton of blogs written by pittsburghers and you can tell just how much they love this city. i’d like to share some of them today.

That’s Church
we all remember pittgirl right? well she’s back and the veil is off. she has revealed her identity but everything (including her hatred for pigeons) is still very much the same. check it out. hilariousness will ensue.

Only In Pittsburgh is a website where people can submit pictures from all over town, most of which you would only see in pittsburgh. they recently had an “oozing pittsburgh” contest and the finalists are on the page right now. voting ends at midnight tonight! (the heinz ketchuposaur is my favorite.)

Old Pittsburgh
i love love LOVE old pictures of pittsburgh. i especially love old pictures of downtown pittsburgh. i work downtown and know what a lot of the streets look like now so seeing pictures of 5th ave from its hey day is always fun. i found this blog today but i’m kind of bummed. it has so much promise but it hasn’t been updated since early 2009 and it was started not too long before that. hopefully the author brings it back soon.

Pittsburgh Bloggers
it’s a HUGE list of bloggers who live in pittsburgh and surrounding areas! what’s not to love??

I Heart Pgh
self-explanatory right?

Pittsburgh Skyline
my mom sent this website to me about a month after i moved to DC, right when the homesickness was kicking in. thanks a lot mom! the photographer for the site doesn’t live in pittsburgh anymore but he frequently returns to take photos. why? because he loves it here and pittsburgh is beautiful!! don’t believe me? click that link above for photographic evidence!

i could go on and on and on and on and on but i won’t. for more great blogs visit


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