why i (finally) made the switch and got an iphone and why my life will never be the same

June 4, 2010 at 2:55 am | Posted in Confessions, Rants and Raves | 3 Comments

have you ever been in a long, lengthy relationship with someone who, after coasting through life with not even so much as a speed bump on the road, they do something so retarded you can’t bear the sight of them any longer?

that is how i feel about verizon. and the blackberry storm.

it all started in november of 1999. i had just turned 18 and, rather than get a tattoo to show my independence, i got my belly button pierced. then a few days later, i got my first cell phone. the nokia 5180i.

it was cheap, it had that cool ass snake game, and it had interchangable faceplates… everything that’s important to an 18 year old girl. then a little while later, i got this random software upgrade and – oh my god – suddenly, i could text. my world was turned upside-down.

flash forward 10 years later to august of 2009. i get a text from verizon (my 18 year old mind would have been blown) which says i can now get a new phone at the new contract price even though my current contract didn’t end for another year. all i had to do was sign another two year agreement. no big deal. i’ve had their service for 10 years and didn’t plan on switching any time soon so i figured i would go to the store and take a look around.

and there it was. the blackberry storm. the phone that came out mere months after i got my coveted LG voyager and i kicked myself repeatedly for not waiting a little longer before i got a new phone because this… this was what i REALLY wanted. and not only that, i could get it for FREE. after a mail-in rebate of course.

i was sold. this was the latest “iphone competitor” so it had to be good right? RIGHT?!

i immediately fell in love. it was my first “smartphone” and look at all the shit it can do!! email! facebook! internet! youtube! i didn’t put the thing down for weeks.

all of that happiness started to melt away when i got the dreaded clock symbol for the first time. my phone was frozen, something people warned me about before i got it. but did i listen? nooooooo… so after a few months of wrestling with the stupid thing, i was fed up. my memory, according to the device’s memory meters, was almost completely empty so i could not figure out what was wrong with it. i email customer service at verizon saying that the phone basically sucks any more and i’d like to get a new phone. i stated that i had been a loyal customer of theirs for 10 years and i didn’t want to switch to another carrier but that i felt i had no choice since i was paying for a phone which virtually didn’t work. a rep from verizon emailed me back saying i could take my phone to a verizon store and they would order me a refurbished blackberry to replace my current one. they also let me know what my cancellation fee would be if i did decide to go that route.

bottom line: not helpful at all. i was slightly shocked considering how helpful verizon customer service has been in the past. but i understand, rules are rules.

so one day, after having to pull the battery out of my blackberry literally all day long, i stopped at the verizon store a few blocks from my office to have them look at my phone and figure out what was wrong with it. it was 5:15pm and the store closes at 6. how dare i come in when they have all but 45 minutes left in their day!! the tech guy basically takes my phone, tells me about all the things i have on it that are apparently taking up memory even though my memory is almost empty, then proceeds to delete EVERYTHING. email, apps, even those pesky apps that verizon forces to all of their phones… everything was gone except photos and my contacts. he hands it back to me and says, “there. now it should work.”

seriously? the phone is empty. what is the point of paying for a phone that doesn’t work unless it’s empty? but… i bite my tongue, leave the store (with 15 minutes to spare before closing) and vow to go to another store later that night. less than an hour later, my phone freezes again. i’m livid.

i marched right to the nearest at&t store and immediately felt like i was doing something wrong upon entering. i felt like i was cheating on verizon even though they did me dirty. to make myself feel better about all the cheating, i got myself a shiny new iphone 3GS.

and… holy crap… blackberry? eat your frozen little heart out. this thing is amazing. it’s fast. i already have a shit ton of apps on it (most of which i’ll end up deleting but downloaded for test purposes) and it still runs smooth as hell. i have yet to find a place where service doesn’t exist (one of the many reasons i waited so long to get an iphone – at&t’s service notoriously isn’t as good as verizon – i’ve tested it myself) and haven’t dropped a call yet. like most of apple’s products, it is very user friendly. and i don’t think i’ve put it down since the at&t man handed it to me. let’s hope i’m not eating these words a year from now.

(and before i get comments – ha! – about how i should have waited to get the droid incredible or the iphone 4G that’s coming out soon or any phone other than the iphone that i got, save it. i’ve wanted an iphone for years but couldn’t bring myself to switch to at&t. verizon pushed me over the edge that day. we’ll see how i feel once this contract is up. it’s only two years.)

(i like to use parenthesis.)

UPDATE: a couple days after writing this post, i went to turn my blackberry on so i could sync it to my computer to get all my pictures off of it and the damn thing wouldn’t even turn on. fully charged! wouldn’t turn on! this means that something was definitely wrong with it but thanks to mr. tech guy’s reluctance to help me, verizon lost a customer.



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  1. I’m so proud of you! I’m glad you’re enjoying it, and if you do have any problems with it let me know! The one tip I will give you, which has immediately solved any of my issues is this:

    If it seems to be frozen, or is acting funny in any way, just hold down the power button and the circle button together. It will reset and when it turns back on it should be all better. I’ve only had to do this twice, and both times it worked like magic!

  2. Didn’t you have to pay some nasty cancellation fee to Verizon though? And yea I guess I’ll save what I was gonna say, haha

    • Cancellation fee is worth it and it’s only $100. It was either pay that much once to get out of my contract or pay that much monthly for a phone that doesn’t work. Doesn’t make much sense does it?

      Sent from my iPhone

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