unemployment, part trois

June 23, 2010 at 2:53 am | Posted in Rants and Raves | 3 Comments

yeah. i’m unemployed. again. and i’m not going to go into details because, frankly, i’m tired of talking about it. i was wronged. royally. F’d in the A, if you will. and i’m not too happy about it.

moving on…

i’ve been looking for jobs here and there. this time around, i want to find something that i want to do. i don’t necessarily want to get a job just to have a job. i’ve been doing that my whole life and it hasn’t really made me very happy. looking back, i’ve only had two jobs where i really liked what i did. one, i left to move to DC. stupid idea. the other, i just had. well, i’m pretty sure i would have liked it because it was very similar to what i did before moving to DC but, as i said before, i was F’d in the A. basically wasn’t even given a chance. such is my life.

i’m trying to stay positive. i really am. but it’s somewhat difficult given the way things have been going the last few years. it’s also pretty difficult to do that when all i’m doing is sitting at home and thinking. my mind goes 4000 miles a minute and there’s really no way to shut it up. i like to have things to do and things to look forward to. so i’m working on that.

over the next few weeks, i actually have lots to look forward to. thursday is the beginning of what i’ll call “furry fest” and a few friends of mine are going downtown on “safari”. when the furries are in town, it’s always entertaining to just sit in a restaurant downtown and watch the show. it’s the best time for people watching. the. best! this weekend, two of my friends are having parties. one on friday and one on saturday. both should be a good time. on sunday, i have softball and then i have to go to a first birthday party for my friend’s daughter. the weekend after that is fourth of july weekend which is sure to be a good time as well. i stuck with cornhole for the summer as an alternate and i was picked up to play on another softball team. lots of ways to keep busy. i’m going to the beach in august which i’m really looking forward to. this could turn out to be an alright summer. just have to stay positive.

i don’t really have anything of substance to say. just basically here to vent. it’s almost 4am. i should probably be sleeping but i’m not. i’m watching hancock in between iJustine videos. this girl has a pretty sweet gig. i wish i could be as famous as she is for making videos on youtube. maybe i’ll give that a shot. i mean, i could look at unemployment as a bad thing but really, couldn’t it also be considered a good thing? a fresh start? a chance to do what I want to do? is this my chance to be selfish for once in my life and think about me and only me?

FYI, a hot laptop really hurts sunburned thighs. i wouldn’t recommend it.



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  1. I think you should start a photography business and hire me so I can come back to Pittsburgh.

    I was thinking though, this probably worked out in your favor as far as unemployment comp goes, didn’t it? Since you were making so much more money at this last job than at BNYM?

    • i don’t know yet. i guess i haven’t been actually approved. L&I is apparently waiting to hear back from my old company which, knowing them, will take years and then they’ll probably fight it. FML.

  2. Sorry to hear about what happened. I think you should pursue photography as well..at least on the side while you job search. That chandelier pic is sweet!

    I should be job searching myself..this rename crap is finally wrapping up, even Sami is leaving.

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