so… um… it’s been a while…

September 7, 2010 at 12:22 am | Posted in Random, Thoughts | 2 Comments

updated @ 10:12am, 9/10/10

i haven’t really blogged all summer. i know… i’m such a failure. this summer has been a busy one. very very busy but really pretty amazing. let’s see…

i spent most of the summer unemployed. after the incident with my last job (which i vaguely wrote about here) i just had no desire to spend my summer sitting in an office working some shit job that i didn’t like and basically being unhappy. so i applied for unemployment, got approved, and lived off of that while i looked for something i actually want to do. i started a new job in the beginning of august that i feel i will really like and i’ll be really good at once i learn how to do everything.

i also spent a lot of this summer playing on about a bajillion softball teams (of which one worked out very well for me…). my saturday team won a championship, my sunday team sucked in the playoff tournament and was out after two games and my monday team didn’t even make the playoffs but i was really okay with that.

i went to ocean city maryland with a big group of friends and had an absolute blast. i haven’t been to ocean city since i was 19 and not old enough to go to bars so this ocean city experience was a lot different that past visits. i didn’t get really sunburned, i didn’t spend every morning there hungover, i didn’t go in the water much but it was freakin COLD! but i did lots of things i wanted to do, i did have a great time with everyone that went, i did get my debit card number stolen (!!!!!!!!) and i did make it back in one piece.

i’m looking forward to fall. don’t get me wrong, i love summer but the last month has been hot as hell and when you drive a black car with a broken air conditioner and only 3 windows that go down, it becomes a little unbearable. i really need to get my air conditioning fixed but i just spent $700 on new tires and a few other miscellaneous things in order for my car to pass inspection and after spending more than $800 last year for inspection, i need a break from chucking money at my car.

fall brings a few of my favorite times of year; cooler weather (i.e. hoodie weather!), pretty colors, halloween, MY BIRTHDAY, thanksgiving, etc… my boyfriend has been asking what i want for my birthday and even though it’s a little over two months away, i figured i would put together a list, not unlike my christmas list from 2009. in fact, a few things are leftover from that one, which is fine. man, i’m a big ball of ramble tonight.

  • i still want my shamrock bracelet from tiffany. again, it’s an out of the ordinary “want” for me but it is what it is. it has a shamrock on it and therefore, i want it.
  • i’d also still like a gps. yeah, my iphone has a good map app (that rhymed) on it, but it’s still kinda dangerous to drive and look at my phone. i don’t really care what kind i get. i just linked this one because it’s reasonably priced, has free lifetime traffic updates and got good reviews.
  • a flip camcorder would be awesome. my DSLR takes HD video but it’s a little bulky to carry around all the time. i’ve been posting a lot of videos to my youtube channel lately and having them in HD would be awesome.
  • iphone gloves! gloves you can wear while you use your iphone!!! how cool is that??
  • i still want a macbook pro but i’ll settle for the cheaper macbook. the last time i spent more than $1000 on a laptop (*cough*dell*cough*), i was severely disappointed so i’m trying not to spend a lot this time around. and the little white macbook is so… LITTLE! and light! and cute! want.
  • a nikon 35mm lens for my camera. i couldn’t decide between a 50mm or a 35mm lens but after reading reviews and specs, i found out that the auto focus on the 50 mm lens isn’t supported with my camera. plus, the 35mm is cheaper. 35mm wins!
  • any pittsburgh t-shirt or sweatshirt you can find. i like humorous stuff. i’m somewhere around a men’s medium/women’s large-extra large since women’s stuff tends to run small and the sizes are weird.
  • that’s all i can think of right now. it’s late and i’m rambling so i’ll shut up.



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    1. I want iphone gloves!!!

      • how flippin cool are those things?! J told me about them. must have!

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