i suck at blogging, recent life ramblings and why i’m the best girlfriend ever

October 8, 2010 at 10:21 am | Posted in Random, Rants and Raves | 1 Comment

it’s true. i suck at blogging. or more accurately, i suck at coming up with awesome things to blog about. except for that time about 45 minutes ago when i had a really good idea and rather than write it down or start to write a blog post about said idea, i continued to look around online to see how i can acquire the coveted visitpa retail polka badge on foursquare and thus, said idea has flown the coup. i blame it on internet ADD. i have a wicked case of it and i’ll fly through pages faster than you can say “slow the fuck down, i wasn’t done reading that!” sorry, i thought you could keep up.

so where were we? podcamp was interesting. i was only there for two sessions on sunday due to scheduling conflicts but those two sessions were enough to make me extremely envious of anyone who owns a macbook. they… were… EVERYWHERE! which made me stop at the apple store in shadyside immediately after leaving podcamp and i’m surprised i wasn’t required to purchase one that was damaged due to the massive amounts of drooling that ensued once i walked through the doors. want.

the day before that, i went to a dry wedding. you read that correctly. a DRY wedding. i was unaware that such events existed. the reception was conveniently located next to a bar that i would have gone to had i known that the bridal party was going to be almost two hours late to their own reception. seriously, what are we supposed to do with ourselves for two hours with no booze?? eat all the cookies? that we were asked to bring???? i didn’t bring any though. i’m not a baker.

except that i apparently am. today is my boyfriend’s birthday. i had this pretty elaborate plan for yesterday: get out of work, go to oakmont bakery and buy deliciously awesome birthday cupcakes, go to mall and pick up ridiculously awesome and thoughtful birthday gift to supplement the already ridiculously awesome birthday gift that i bought the other day in the form of tickets to the pitt/wvu game on november 26th, go home, sleep, wake up and take everything to boyfriend’s house all “yay look at how awesome and well-thought out this shit is!”

the only part of that elaborate plan that worked out the way i wanted it to was the ridiculously awesome birthday gift, which i can confidently say he agrees with its ridiculous awesomeness. i get out of work yesterday at roughly 5:15pm. by the time i get to my car and head due east towards oakmont, it’s around 6. i call. oakmont bakery closes at 7. shit. i decide rather than rush to get to the bakery just before they close, i’ll go to the mall and get the gift which is way more time sensitive. this left me with three choices: 1) i can be lame and buy cupcakes from a grocery store, 2) i can say screw it and forget the cupcakes all together, or 3) i can bake them myself. i went with door number 3. whaaaaa…? now, let’s not get ahead of ourselves… these aren’t from scratch. they are funfetti cupcakes with chocolate funfetti icing but rather than sit on my ass and watch the pens lose to the flyers, i completely missed the game and BAKED. and then i FROSTED. and then i SPRINKLED. WHO AM I?!?!?!

furthermore, i ate one and didn’t die. yet. furtherfurthermore, they look pretty. amirite?

in other news, this lady is completely unaware of the gigantic backpack behind her. unless that’s the subject of the text she is sending.



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