fall cleaning and my life list

October 20, 2010 at 12:17 pm | Posted in Random | Leave a comment

i moved back to pittsburgh from outside of DC almost 3 years ago. june 2008 to be exact. a lot has changed in my life since then. what hasn’t changed? the boxes of clothes and various apartment stuff that have been stacked in my basement since june 2008. my goal for this weekend? go through most, if not all, of that stuff and either pitch it or organize it. i moved back to pittsburgh because my mom had a heart attack so i basically packed my stuff and moved in a day. that didn’t leave a lot of time for organization. this should be an interesting task.

i’m also in the middle of going through things in my bedroom and either tossing them out, giving them to goodwill or attempting to better organize them. i made a pretty good dent in things on monday night without even trying so hopefully, this won’t be difficult.

after reading this article from the frisky, i realized i am definitely guilty of keeping articles of clothing that no longer fit me in hopes that they will fit again one day. i decided to go through my closet and really look at what’s in there so on monday, it began. i found that a lot of the stuff i’ve kept hoping it would fit again were things that i’d probably never wear again anyway because they were poor shopping choices when i bought them and they’re even worse now. seriously, wtf was i thinking??

i also realized that i have a lot of t-shirts. a LOT… of t-shirts. a full antique dresser drawer full of t-shirts. and antique dresser drawers are a lot bigger than the dressers they make now. i’ll be the first to admit that i’m no fashionista. i like stylish clothes. i see things in magazines and on racks that i would love to have but i either a) can’t afford them or b) don’t think i can pull them off. so i stick with my t-shirts and jeans most of the time. at some point, i’d like to go through these t-shirts and get rid of a lot of them but it’s hard. most of them are free shirts that i got from some event. some are from concerts that i went to years ago and the chances of me ever wearing them again are very very slim. some are old all-star softball shirts from 1995. but they’re so hard to let go of!

i swear i’m not a hoarder.

i started a life list today. at the moment, i have 50 things on it but it’ll grow. i’m constantly thinking of things i want to accomplish in this life. one thing on the list, 8. see a movie by myself, i might get to do this weekend. i’d like to see either easy A or the social network. i’ve heard good things about both so, if i can’t find someone to go with me, i’ll go by myself and check that one off the list. this will hopefully happen in between all my organizing and softball and ikea shopping (!!!!).

i have to go to ikea as well this weekend. why? for one, i need another bookshelf. my dvd collection has gotten bigger than my current dvd rack so i feel the need to upgrade. also, i killed my bamboo plant. didn’t think that was possible, did you? it apparently is because mine is deader than dead. i bought it when i bought my other bookshelf from ikea in an effort to decorate my room a bit and now it’s dead. i guess bamboo plants don’t take kindly to people who forget to water them. whoops.

i might even try to bake something from scratch, which will check another item off of my list. it’s fall, the weather is cool, i don’t feel like leaving the house so maybe i’ll try to make some fall cookies or something. we’ll see… check back on monday to see if i actually do any of the things i’ve mentioned in this post.

so um… what are you planning to do with your weekend?


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