NaBloPoMo and quite possibly the most boring recap of one of the best trips i’ve ever taken

November 4, 2010 at 2:01 pm | Posted in NaBloPoMo | 1 Comment

i’m late to the game. it’s november 4th but i was out of town until yesterday and doing birthday stuff and wasn’t keeping up on google reader to see that hey, it’s national blog posting month! even though i missed the first three days, i’m going to attempt to write about something every day for the rest of the month. for today’s post, i guess i’ll recap my weekend getaway since it was so awesome. no really, it was. maybe i’ll even include pictures once i upload them from my camera.

my boyfriend and i went to south carolina to visit his sister and it was a really great time. i can’t stress that enough. you’d think 10 hours in a car with your significant other would be a recipe for disaster right? wrong! everything went completely smoothly. he worked form 7pm thursday night to 7:30am friday morning, so we weren’t on the road until around 9am. he slept for the first few hours of the trip while i drove. he’s very grateful that i know how to drive a stick. we got to aiken, south carolina a little before 7pm friday night. his sister is awesome! i’m always nervous about meeting girls because, well, i’m not a fan. most of my friends are guys because i don’t like the drama, cattiness, and everything else that often comes with being friends with women. his sister would totally fit in with my small group of female friends. she made us dinner, then we all got ready to go to a halloween party at her friends’ house. the party was in this really nice house which didn’t give off the “party house” vibe. granted, we’re all over 25, most of them (if not all) had a kid or two at home so i was pleasantly surprised when these people knew how to party. but it’s no surprise that my boyfriend and i ended up winning the beer pong tournament and got recruited to play flip cup, which we also dominated. we were then invited back for the party next year since we have to defend our title. we signed the back of the trophy “damn yankees” and went home around midnight. ah, old age…

saturday was a day of recovery and college football. we all went over to another friend’s house to watch some games and see some more of aiken. saturday night, we went to dinner at aiken brewing company, which has really good food and even better beer. the miller lites that we had at the polo tavern afterwards tasted like garbage compared to the aiken brewing company beers. furthermore, i completely forgot about how awesome it is to people watch at bars on halloween weekend. we weren’t in costume so we stuck out like sore thumbs but wow… some of the costumes were awesome.

sunday, we played disc golf in north augusta then i went to my first ever catholic mass. i’ve been to catholic funerals and catholic weddings but never to an actual mass. it was interesting. catholics sing a lot! my boyfriend kept apologizing for dragging me there with his sister and her husband but it really wasn’t a big deal. i’m not really religious by any means but it’s not like i’m against it. i just don’t do it. it’s on sundays and it’s usually early in the morning and in all honesty, i’m usually running on a couple hours of sleep as it is if not completely hungover so i’d never make it. but again, it was interesting. we then watched the steelers game and went to bed to prepare for our drive to west virginia the next morning.

we left aiken around noon on monday and arrived in summersville, west virginia a little after 6pm. we stopped at new river gorge on the way, which was interesting since i’m absolutely terrified of heights. there’s a visitor’s center off of the highway after you cross the bridge with stairs that go down the side of the mountain where you can see fantastic views of the bridge and the river under it. BIG DEAL TO ME due to aforementioned fear of heights. but i went for the photo ops and i survived! i will post pictures later.

monday night, we checked into our hotel, got showers and went to dinner at applebee’s where my eyes never left my phone because none of the tv’s at applebee’s were on the world series. freddie sanchez won a world series!!! something he NEVER would have done had he stayed with the pirates. so happy for him! monday night was a very relaxing night.

tuesday was my 29th birthday. that morning, we drove to mountaineer casino in west virginia. i’m not a gambler because i usually don’t have the money to throw away so before we could check in, my boyfriend played blackjack while i watched. i learned a lot and actually ended up playing at the end of the night. i took $50 out of the ATM and aside from the $5 chip that i kept as a souvenier, i lost it all. i started out very well. i think i won the first three hands and was up a few bucks. then at one point i was down to my last $10 and made a nice comeback. i know i should have stopped while i was ahead but i was having fun and i’ve never done it before so i kept it up and ended up losing. not a big deal though. i had a lot of fun and i played the way i should have. the dealer was beating 19s with 20s consistently. you can’t win with cards lining up like that all the time. oh well… it was a fun experience and i’ll probably play again. i have to prepare for vegas next year for my 30th birthday!

this is a very long and very dully written post. i honestly apologize for that. haha…

wednesday morning, i woke up sorta hungover from too many birthday drinks/shots. this hangover was NOTHING compared to others i’ve had before but i think i’m becoming less tolerant in my old age. i really just hate feeling like shit the next day, to be honest. saturday night is my birthday party at the pub and my plan is to take it easy (i.e. not go buck wild like i have in birthdays past). i do not want to spend sunday nursing a hangover. not fun.

and um… that’s it. my dull wording doesn’t really convey how much fun we had but i swear we did. i’m at work and don’t have a lot to do and i’ve been bored all… freakin… day… so that’s why it sounds that way. blaaaaaaahhhh…


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