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so once again, i fail at posting on the weekend. i had a fairly busy but relaxing weekend, and i blame it on that. i really don’t think i touched my computer for 3 days. let’s not mention the fact that i am able to blog from my phone. shhhhh…

“date night” was a really great time. bf and i went to dinner at joe’s crab shack and i had quite possibly the best meal i’ve ever had: salmon orleans. just… look…

SO GOOD! i substituted the rice for a side of their cheesy new potatoes (which were also amazing) and green beans. seriously, nothing else that i ate for the rest of the weekend compared. i’m sad. we need to go back there ASAP. and i think that’s the first time i’ve ever ordered salmon at a restaurant. i might have to make a habit of that.

then we went to see bon journey which was a very good band but… they played for like 45 mins and then disappeared for what seemed like over an hour. which was enough to make us lose focus, pay our bill and go elsewhere.

we stopped at silky’s in bloomfield for a few drinks before heading home and playing wii resort for god knows how long. it was a very fun night. we decided that we have to make “date night” a habit.

saturday was the 8th anniversary of two friend’s of mine buying their bar so bf and i went out to celebrate with them. and celebrate we did! i felt the repercussions of that night for a little while on sunday morning but it was nothing like i felt last sunday thank god. i never want to experience that again so i was definitely a little more careful this time around.

sunday i watched the steelers lose to the patriots with a 3 year old sleeping on my lap. what could be better? aside from, you know, watching the steelers beat the patriots with a 3 year old sleeping on your lap. hmmph…

i’m really going to try to post something every day from now til december 5th or whenever i started this little challenge. i have no excuse other than i can never think of anything to write about. the nablopomo website gives some pretty deep subjects as suggestions but i tend to go for the light, funny side of things… or the completely lame side of things and use this blog like it’s my diary. i highly doubt complete strangers (if any even read this) care what i ate on friday night. hell, friends probably don’t care much either. but it was REALLY GOOD!!!


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