bad few days…

November 18, 2010 at 9:26 am | Posted in NaBloPoMo, Rants and Raves | Leave a comment

(i wrote this last night and apparently just saved it as a draft rather than post it. fail.)

this is how my week has gone:

– email at work is down for close to two hours while literally everyone i work with is at a meeting that i was not invited to.
– finally get email up and running and see reprimanding message from “superior” asking me why i haven’t sent an email to a client. ummm… because i didn’t have email.
– micro-managed all day. i hate being micro-managed.
– skip the happy hour after work because i just want to go home and get ready for a friend’s surprise birthday dinner.
– car overheats on the way to the dinner. my car never overheats.
– wait in line for 20 minutes at kmart to buy coolant so i can get my car home. there were only 5 people in front of me, each with only one or two items to buy. slowest. checkout line. EVER!
– late to birthday dinner. miss the surprise.
– order nachos at birthday dinner that are supposed to be amazing. these nachos are not amazing. in fact, they are downright gross.
– car all but explodes on the way home due to more overheating. but i got it home.
– notice insane amounts of antifreeze on the dip stick when i randomly check it. not good.

– call boss to tell him i’ll be a half hour late to work due to car issues (or lack of car issues).
– arrive at 9:30.
– more micro-managing. i promise i’m able to handle things on my own.
– reprimanded by boss for being late even though i called.
– dangerously close to bursting into tears all day long.
– lose in first round of dodgeball playoffs because once again, the referee we had was awful and the other team couldn’t have cheated more. after blantant hits to the chest and legs, they say “oh, that didn’t hit me” and the ref didn’t see it either. NO CLUE WHAT REF WAS LOOKING AT.
– engine is now completely full of antifreeze. i need a new engine. awesome.

drinking has never made me happier than it is right now. i realize i sound like an alcoholic, but i promise i’m not. it’s just keeping me sane today. softening the blow. bf is coming over. that and lots of sleep should help.

(update: it did. 🙂 )


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