my week of fail continues…

November 19, 2010 at 12:31 pm | Posted in NaBloPoMo, Photography | Leave a comment

monday was alright. tuesday was awful. wednesday was almost as awful. thursday was alright. friday? really could go either way.

so far, i got up and got showered and ready just in time to run down a hill that looks like this:

and is this steep:

and i didn’t fall. AND i made it to the bus with plenty of time! AND i had enough change to actually get on the bus! AND the bus got me to work with time to spare! LOOK AT ME GO!

however… i forgot my camera. well, i didn’t actually forget my camera. i left it at home because i knew i would be running down that hill and if i ran down that hill with a very expensive piece of camera equipment anywhere on my person*, it would surely break. and i wanted to bring my camera because tonight is light up night.

i’ve never been to light up night but it will surely provide plenty of photo opportunities. i have my fujifilm point-and-shoot but i just don’t know if it will do. well, it will have to do since my nikon is at home, but… i’m sad.

and i don’t feel very well. hopefully that goes away before tonight.

* i don’t understand that phrase “on my person”. the camera would be on me not on my person. i don’t have a person walking around with me that i keep shit on. “excuse me, but where is your ladle?” “oh, it’s on my person right here.” someone explain this to me.

(update: my camera’s battery died so all i have is one picture and a short video on my phone. also, there was a riot and someone was shot downtown that night. ah… the joys of the holiday season!)


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