thanksgiving break?

November 24, 2010 at 10:29 am | Posted in Holidays, NaBloPoMo | Leave a comment

i have a pretty busy weekend ahead of me. i’m really looking forward to it though. bf is off, it’s thanksgiving (which means lots of yummy food!), and there’s lots going on.

immediately after work tonight, i’m meeting bf for a quick dinner before he has to work at 7. poor thing has to work from 7pm to 7am both tonight and tomorrow night. yes, on thanksgiving night. 😦 sucks…

my sister gets off work at 7 and i’m driving ~40 minutes to her neck of the woods to go bitch at verizon with her. there’s a $15 charge on her bill for a data download and neither of us have any clue what it’s for. and i’m a little more technologically savvy than she is so i’ll know what to ask and hopefully how to get the charge removed. and we all know how i feel about verizon after my blackberry debacle…

then… THEN… i’m making a key lime pie tonight. from scratch! check that one off the list! i went out sunday and bought all the ingredients and i’m really looking forward to giving this a try. my nephew is going to help too. he’s 2 years old but i told him he can crush up the graham crackers for the crust. i’m certain he’ll enjoy that because he is the king of destruction lately. he is going to be trouble in a couple years. last night, he was on the stairs at my house, his mom and i were telling him to be careful so he crouched down as low as his little 2 year old body could go and then threw himself down the stairs! we panicked, and then he looked up at me with the biggest grin on his face. what a butthead…

tomorrow, i’m helping my mom cook and clean all day. then stuffing my face around 7pm. i LOVE thanksgiving! it is my second favorite holiday. st patrick’s day is my first favorite, in case you didn’t know.

friday morning, i’m getting up pretty early. no, i’m not black friday shopping. trust me, it’s in everyone’s best interest that i am not out in crowded stores at 6am. 6am is meant for sleeping and if i’m doing anything but that at that hour, someone will die. just sayin… no, i’m getting up to tailgate for the backyard brawl! i bought these tickets for bf’s birthday in october and he’s really excited to go. sucks that it’s going to be 30 frickin degrees that day after a week of the temperature hovering around the 50 degree mark but… it is what it is. it’s been a while since i’ve been in heinz field and i’ve never been to a pitt football game so i’m really looking forward to it. that night after the game and after a sobering up disco nap, we’re going to dinner with a few of his friends at georgetown inn on mt washington. nom…

saturday, we have tickets to the pens/calgary game at consol energy center. it’ll be my first time in the new arena and my first pens game in a couple seasons. really looking forward to that and sporting my green crosby jersey!

sunday = recovery and watching a steeler game. ahhhh… so if i don’t post on here for a little bit, even though it’s nablapomo, that’s why. man, i’m tired after just writing this post. let the games begin…


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