ugh… and uggs.

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the long thanksgiving weekend is over. sad face. it was a great one too, filled with things to do but also surprisingly relaxing.

my sister and i figured out her cell phone issue. thanksgiving was yummy, as usual. the key lime pie that i made was pretty good. everyone seemed to like it so i might have to try other recipes. cooking is becoming fun for me. finally. only took 29 years.

the pitt/wvu game was COLD!! bf and i were smart and parked at the casino for free (he has a black diamond card so i guess that means free parking during games?) and “tailgated” in there where it was warm. our seats were in the shade and up pretty high so the first half of the game, we were cold. we moved to a sunnier part of the stadium for the second half and it wasn’t quite as cold but pitt did not play well. we left a little after the fourth quarter began.

dinner at the georgetown inn wasn’t bad. probably not worth the price tag but it was good. i had meant to take some pictures of pittsburgh from mount washington after dinner but it was way too cold and windy to hang out outside for much longer than it took to walk back to the car.

the pens game went a lot better. they won 4 to 1 with crosby getting a hat trick. i got lots of compliments on my green crosby jersey. i guess people haven’t really seen it before. that’s what i was going for when i got it!

we went bowling saturday night. it was the first time i’ve been bowling in about two years and i did pretty well. i broke 100 points each game so… that’s good right?

sunday, was more stressful than necessary because, once again, the steelers forgot that football games have four quarters and decided to suck pretty hardcore towards the end of the game. suisham/sepulveda (nom x2) won that game for pittsburgh. and troy polamalu.

now, it’s monday. not only is it monday, but it’s the first day back after a long weekend and those are always the hardest. not to mention when i woke up this morning, my phone told me it was a mere 29 degrees outside. and i haven’t felt good since last night. put all of that together and what do you get? bleh. that’s about how i feel right now.

and now, a confession. i have been very anti-uggs for years. i’ll say it again; i’m not the most trendy person in the world. i’d like to be, but there are some things i just can’t get behind. uggs, skinny jeans, leggings (or worse, jeggings), jeans tucked into boots (although i’m starting to come around on that one), etc… and then, my brother and his girlfriend bought me these for my birthday:

(photo credit:

seriously the most comfortable, warmest, softest things i have ever put my feet into. but yes, they are considered slippers and yes, as i type this blog at work, they are on my feet. i really have no shame.

except that i do. so, since dsw sent me a coupon for $25 off a purchase of $50 or more, i’m currently on their website looking for something similar and a tad more work appropriate. while it might not actually be uggs (holy $$$$ batman!), it may be something similar. i mean, they’re like a winter version of flipflops! you can wear them with almost anything! and we all know how i feel about my flipflops…


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