i have a new home!

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and it’s over at alisonintheburgh.com. yes, i registered my own domain. i am, in fact, that nerdy. don’t judge me.

i didn’t like any of the wordpress.com themes so i decided to challenge my feeble little html coding deprived mind and give it a go. i haven’t coded in a really long time! i’m hoping it’s just like riding a bike…

so… for the 2 people that follow me, update your links/rss feeds/google reader/wtfever. see ya over there!


my christmas list for 2010… 2.0

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i had to go and screw everything up. i know you saw my christmas list for 2010 and were chomping at the bit to buy me a car. and then i went and bought one myself. completely ruined your plans, didn’t i? i know… I KNOW! but it’ll be okay. fear not, i’m compiling yet another list just for you! aren’t you happy? i know i am because lists are fun.

– yes, i still want my tiffany’s shamrock bracelet. if i don’t get it, maybe i’ll save up and get it for myself as a late birthday present. you know, since i’m so good at asking for stuff and then buying stuff myself! har.
portable gps navigation for my car. preferrably one with the option of downloading different voices to it. because i kinda want lil jon to direct me where to go (“hang a right…. OKAAAAAYY!!!”). i think you can do that with a garmin. or maybe it’s tomtom. either way, garmins appear to be cheaper and i think this commercial is hilarious.
a flip ultra hd camcorder since i’d like to start taking more video of things i do rather than just pictures.
– i’m expensive.
– gift cards to target. i love love LOVE target.
– (side note: what is this??? an ipod dock/alarm clock with a “bed shaker”??? sure… THAT is what it’s used for…)
this t-shirt.

that’s all i can think of for now. i’m sure i’ll update this as i think of things. what does your christmas list look like?

out with the old, in with the new-ish…

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i didn’t post yesterday. again. in all fairness, i had a pretty stressful day. my mom wanted me to drive her to toys r us to look for a wagon for my nephew, and then we were going to go to the grocery store to buy some thanksgiving things. i wanted to get some ingredients because i plan on making a key lime pie for dessert! from scratch! i’ll be checking something off of my life list!

while discussing where we were going to go and what we were going to get, i stumbled upon an ad for a local kia dealership. the ad had one of those keys attached to it and if you take this key to the kia dealership and it unlocks a car, you win that car. since my car’s engine all but blew up the other day, i figured why not? free car!

well, long story short, i didn’t win the car. but i did win a $50 gift card to giant eagle and a powerball ticket. i gave both to my dad since it was his key after all. but… BUT… i came home with this:

zoom zoom…

my christmas list for 2010

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it’s a short one.

(photo credit: jetttstream.com)


(photo credit: auto week)


mazda 3
(photo credit: motorquotes.com)

manual transmission please. as you can see, i’m a fan of the gunmetal gray color… so make it happen!


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so once again, i fail at posting on the weekend. i had a fairly busy but relaxing weekend, and i blame it on that. i really don’t think i touched my computer for 3 days. let’s not mention the fact that i am able to blog from my phone. shhhhh…

“date night” was a really great time. bf and i went to dinner at joe’s crab shack and i had quite possibly the best meal i’ve ever had: salmon orleans. just… look…

SO GOOD! i substituted the rice for a side of their cheesy new potatoes (which were also amazing) and green beans. seriously, nothing else that i ate for the rest of the weekend compared. i’m sad. we need to go back there ASAP. and i think that’s the first time i’ve ever ordered salmon at a restaurant. i might have to make a habit of that.

then we went to see bon journey which was a very good band but… they played for like 45 mins and then disappeared for what seemed like over an hour. which was enough to make us lose focus, pay our bill and go elsewhere.

we stopped at silky’s in bloomfield for a few drinks before heading home and playing wii resort for god knows how long. it was a very fun night. we decided that we have to make “date night” a habit.

saturday was the 8th anniversary of two friend’s of mine buying their bar so bf and i went out to celebrate with them. and celebrate we did! i felt the repercussions of that night for a little while on sunday morning but it was nothing like i felt last sunday thank god. i never want to experience that again so i was definitely a little more careful this time around.

sunday i watched the steelers lose to the patriots with a 3 year old sleeping on my lap. what could be better? aside from, you know, watching the steelers beat the patriots with a 3 year old sleeping on your lap. hmmph…

i’m really going to try to post something every day from now til december 5th or whenever i started this little challenge. i have no excuse other than i can never think of anything to write about. the nablopomo website gives some pretty deep subjects as suggestions but i tend to go for the light, funny side of things… or the completely lame side of things and use this blog like it’s my diary. i highly doubt complete strangers (if any even read this) care what i ate on friday night. hell, friends probably don’t care much either. but it was REALLY GOOD!!!

i have 32 mins to post something

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i started another post (actually i finished it) but i hated it so you won’t be seeing that one. nablopomo couldn’t have come at a worse time. there really isn’t anything going on in november, aside from my birthday which was a blast but i completely dropped the ball on that post. if i wrote about my day to day life at the moment, it would basically be like, “i woke up, went to work, came home, the end.” because that’s about how it’s going at the moment. the most exciting thing that happened to me this week was coming in third place in my cornhole league championship tournament on tuesday. that’s actually pretty impressive since it was the first season my boyfriend and i were on a team together and we had quite a rough start.

tomorrow night, the bf and i are going to see bon journey. that’s right. bon journey. a cover band that only plays songs by bon jovi and journey. it’s gonna be legen… wait for it…

okay, that was lame. moving on…

i’m really looking forward to the show. i love going to see live bands and i’ve wanted to see this particular band for years. saturday, we might be going to cleveland to see another band but that all depends on how tomorrow night goes and how we feel saturday morning.

i’m thinking of somehow trying to incorporate videos into this blog. i take a lot of pictures when i’m out somewhere and i remember i have my camera with me. my camera also has a video function that i actually use pretty frequently so i might start editing some videos together and posting those rather than trying to write about them. let’s face it… a video of my trip to south carolina/west virgina would have been MUCH more interesting. so… maybe we’ll try that out this weekend. stay tuned…

“sprocket” is a funny word

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anyone have an iphone out there? isn’t autocorrect the best thing ever? in some circumstances, yes. but a friend of mine sent me a website today that is nothing but screen shots of text conversations that contain seriously hilarious autocorrect fails: damnyouautocorrect.com

this one made me LOL for reals…


this is hard…

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it’s only the 2nd day that i’m doing nablopomo and i’m kinda out of things to write about. there’s a page on the site that gives you ideas for things to write about but… the topic today was kinda lame. i wrote one paragraph, decided it sucked and gave up. hmmm… better luck tomorrow!

fall cleaning and my life list

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i moved back to pittsburgh from outside of DC almost 3 years ago. june 2008 to be exact. a lot has changed in my life since then. what hasn’t changed? the boxes of clothes and various apartment stuff that have been stacked in my basement since june 2008. my goal for this weekend? go through most, if not all, of that stuff and either pitch it or organize it. i moved back to pittsburgh because my mom had a heart attack so i basically packed my stuff and moved in a day. that didn’t leave a lot of time for organization. this should be an interesting task.

i’m also in the middle of going through things in my bedroom and either tossing them out, giving them to goodwill or attempting to better organize them. i made a pretty good dent in things on monday night without even trying so hopefully, this won’t be difficult.

after reading this article from the frisky, i realized i am definitely guilty of keeping articles of clothing that no longer fit me in hopes that they will fit again one day. i decided to go through my closet and really look at what’s in there so on monday, it began. i found that a lot of the stuff i’ve kept hoping it would fit again were things that i’d probably never wear again anyway because they were poor shopping choices when i bought them and they’re even worse now. seriously, wtf was i thinking??

i also realized that i have a lot of t-shirts. a LOT… of t-shirts. a full antique dresser drawer full of t-shirts. and antique dresser drawers are a lot bigger than the dressers they make now. i’ll be the first to admit that i’m no fashionista. i like stylish clothes. i see things in magazines and on racks that i would love to have but i either a) can’t afford them or b) don’t think i can pull them off. so i stick with my t-shirts and jeans most of the time. at some point, i’d like to go through these t-shirts and get rid of a lot of them but it’s hard. most of them are free shirts that i got from some event. some are from concerts that i went to years ago and the chances of me ever wearing them again are very very slim. some are old all-star softball shirts from 1995. but they’re so hard to let go of!

i swear i’m not a hoarder.

i started a life list today. at the moment, i have 50 things on it but it’ll grow. i’m constantly thinking of things i want to accomplish in this life. one thing on the list, 8. see a movie by myself, i might get to do this weekend. i’d like to see either easy A or the social network. i’ve heard good things about both so, if i can’t find someone to go with me, i’ll go by myself and check that one off the list. this will hopefully happen in between all my organizing and softball and ikea shopping (!!!!).

i have to go to ikea as well this weekend. why? for one, i need another bookshelf. my dvd collection has gotten bigger than my current dvd rack so i feel the need to upgrade. also, i killed my bamboo plant. didn’t think that was possible, did you? it apparently is because mine is deader than dead. i bought it when i bought my other bookshelf from ikea in an effort to decorate my room a bit and now it’s dead. i guess bamboo plants don’t take kindly to people who forget to water them. whoops.

i might even try to bake something from scratch, which will check another item off of my list. it’s fall, the weather is cool, i don’t feel like leaving the house so maybe i’ll try to make some fall cookies or something. we’ll see… check back on monday to see if i actually do any of the things i’ve mentioned in this post.

so um… what are you planning to do with your weekend?

the internet never ceases to amaze me…

October 11, 2010 at 10:09 pm | Posted in Random | 1 Comment

this is pretty cool. via damnthatswhack

Anyone wanna go on a classy date? Follow the instructions…

1. Open this in a new tab.

2. Then open this in a new tab.

3. Then open this in another new tab.

Now grab a bottle of wine, sit back and enjoy…and remember, stay classy 😉

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