ugh… and uggs.

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the long thanksgiving weekend is over. sad face. it was a great one too, filled with things to do but also surprisingly relaxing.

my sister and i figured out her cell phone issue. thanksgiving was yummy, as usual. the key lime pie that i made was pretty good. everyone seemed to like it so i might have to try other recipes. cooking is becoming fun for me. finally. only took 29 years.

the pitt/wvu game was COLD!! bf and i were smart and parked at the casino for free (he has a black diamond card so i guess that means free parking during games?) and “tailgated” in there where it was warm. our seats were in the shade and up pretty high so the first half of the game, we were cold. we moved to a sunnier part of the stadium for the second half and it wasn’t quite as cold but pitt did not play well. we left a little after the fourth quarter began.

dinner at the georgetown inn wasn’t bad. probably not worth the price tag but it was good. i had meant to take some pictures of pittsburgh from mount washington after dinner but it was way too cold and windy to hang out outside for much longer than it took to walk back to the car.

the pens game went a lot better. they won 4 to 1 with crosby getting a hat trick. i got lots of compliments on my green crosby jersey. i guess people haven’t really seen it before. that’s what i was going for when i got it!

we went bowling saturday night. it was the first time i’ve been bowling in about two years and i did pretty well. i broke 100 points each game so… that’s good right?

sunday, was more stressful than necessary because, once again, the steelers forgot that football games have four quarters and decided to suck pretty hardcore towards the end of the game. suisham/sepulveda (nom x2) won that game for pittsburgh. and troy polamalu.

now, it’s monday. not only is it monday, but it’s the first day back after a long weekend and those are always the hardest. not to mention when i woke up this morning, my phone told me it was a mere 29 degrees outside. and i haven’t felt good since last night. put all of that together and what do you get? bleh. that’s about how i feel right now.

and now, a confession. i have been very anti-uggs for years. i’ll say it again; i’m not the most trendy person in the world. i’d like to be, but there are some things i just can’t get behind. uggs, skinny jeans, leggings (or worse, jeggings), jeans tucked into boots (although i’m starting to come around on that one), etc… and then, my brother and his girlfriend bought me these for my birthday:

(photo credit:

seriously the most comfortable, warmest, softest things i have ever put my feet into. but yes, they are considered slippers and yes, as i type this blog at work, they are on my feet. i really have no shame.

except that i do. so, since dsw sent me a coupon for $25 off a purchase of $50 or more, i’m currently on their website looking for something similar and a tad more work appropriate. while it might not actually be uggs (holy $$$$ batman!), it may be something similar. i mean, they’re like a winter version of flipflops! you can wear them with almost anything! and we all know how i feel about my flipflops…


bad few days…

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(i wrote this last night and apparently just saved it as a draft rather than post it. fail.)

this is how my week has gone:

– email at work is down for close to two hours while literally everyone i work with is at a meeting that i was not invited to.
– finally get email up and running and see reprimanding message from “superior” asking me why i haven’t sent an email to a client. ummm… because i didn’t have email.
– micro-managed all day. i hate being micro-managed.
– skip the happy hour after work because i just want to go home and get ready for a friend’s surprise birthday dinner.
– car overheats on the way to the dinner. my car never overheats.
– wait in line for 20 minutes at kmart to buy coolant so i can get my car home. there were only 5 people in front of me, each with only one or two items to buy. slowest. checkout line. EVER!
– late to birthday dinner. miss the surprise.
– order nachos at birthday dinner that are supposed to be amazing. these nachos are not amazing. in fact, they are downright gross.
– car all but explodes on the way home due to more overheating. but i got it home.
– notice insane amounts of antifreeze on the dip stick when i randomly check it. not good.

– call boss to tell him i’ll be a half hour late to work due to car issues (or lack of car issues).
– arrive at 9:30.
– more micro-managing. i promise i’m able to handle things on my own.
– reprimanded by boss for being late even though i called.
– dangerously close to bursting into tears all day long.
– lose in first round of dodgeball playoffs because once again, the referee we had was awful and the other team couldn’t have cheated more. after blantant hits to the chest and legs, they say “oh, that didn’t hit me” and the ref didn’t see it either. NO CLUE WHAT REF WAS LOOKING AT.
– engine is now completely full of antifreeze. i need a new engine. awesome.

drinking has never made me happier than it is right now. i realize i sound like an alcoholic, but i promise i’m not. it’s just keeping me sane today. softening the blow. bf is coming over. that and lots of sleep should help.

(update: it did. 🙂 )

i suck at blogging, recent life ramblings and why i’m the best girlfriend ever

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it’s true. i suck at blogging. or more accurately, i suck at coming up with awesome things to blog about. except for that time about 45 minutes ago when i had a really good idea and rather than write it down or start to write a blog post about said idea, i continued to look around online to see how i can acquire the coveted visitpa retail polka badge on foursquare and thus, said idea has flown the coup. i blame it on internet ADD. i have a wicked case of it and i’ll fly through pages faster than you can say “slow the fuck down, i wasn’t done reading that!” sorry, i thought you could keep up.

so where were we? podcamp was interesting. i was only there for two sessions on sunday due to scheduling conflicts but those two sessions were enough to make me extremely envious of anyone who owns a macbook. they… were… EVERYWHERE! which made me stop at the apple store in shadyside immediately after leaving podcamp and i’m surprised i wasn’t required to purchase one that was damaged due to the massive amounts of drooling that ensued once i walked through the doors. want.

the day before that, i went to a dry wedding. you read that correctly. a DRY wedding. i was unaware that such events existed. the reception was conveniently located next to a bar that i would have gone to had i known that the bridal party was going to be almost two hours late to their own reception. seriously, what are we supposed to do with ourselves for two hours with no booze?? eat all the cookies? that we were asked to bring???? i didn’t bring any though. i’m not a baker.

except that i apparently am. today is my boyfriend’s birthday. i had this pretty elaborate plan for yesterday: get out of work, go to oakmont bakery and buy deliciously awesome birthday cupcakes, go to mall and pick up ridiculously awesome and thoughtful birthday gift to supplement the already ridiculously awesome birthday gift that i bought the other day in the form of tickets to the pitt/wvu game on november 26th, go home, sleep, wake up and take everything to boyfriend’s house all “yay look at how awesome and well-thought out this shit is!”

the only part of that elaborate plan that worked out the way i wanted it to was the ridiculously awesome birthday gift, which i can confidently say he agrees with its ridiculous awesomeness. i get out of work yesterday at roughly 5:15pm. by the time i get to my car and head due east towards oakmont, it’s around 6. i call. oakmont bakery closes at 7. shit. i decide rather than rush to get to the bakery just before they close, i’ll go to the mall and get the gift which is way more time sensitive. this left me with three choices: 1) i can be lame and buy cupcakes from a grocery store, 2) i can say screw it and forget the cupcakes all together, or 3) i can bake them myself. i went with door number 3. whaaaaa…? now, let’s not get ahead of ourselves… these aren’t from scratch. they are funfetti cupcakes with chocolate funfetti icing but rather than sit on my ass and watch the pens lose to the flyers, i completely missed the game and BAKED. and then i FROSTED. and then i SPRINKLED. WHO AM I?!?!?!

furthermore, i ate one and didn’t die. yet. furtherfurthermore, they look pretty. amirite?

in other news, this lady is completely unaware of the gigantic backpack behind her. unless that’s the subject of the text she is sending.


i’m a winner!

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not only am i going to podcamp pittsburgh this weekend, i just won a VIP package in a twitter contest! SWAG! i never win anything so this is pretty exciting.

i’m kind of bummed that i can only go to podcamp on sunday though. i’m going to a friend’s wedding on saturday, which will obviously be a fun time but going both days would be ideal, especially now that i’m VIP. hehe…

and once again, i’m rambling. i’m at work and i have a lot to do so this is a quick post. hopefully some of the sessions that i go to at podcamp will help me not just write crappy rambling posts anymore… VIP!

unemployment, part trois

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yeah. i’m unemployed. again. and i’m not going to go into details because, frankly, i’m tired of talking about it. i was wronged. royally. F’d in the A, if you will. and i’m not too happy about it.

moving on…

i’ve been looking for jobs here and there. this time around, i want to find something that i want to do. i don’t necessarily want to get a job just to have a job. i’ve been doing that my whole life and it hasn’t really made me very happy. looking back, i’ve only had two jobs where i really liked what i did. one, i left to move to DC. stupid idea. the other, i just had. well, i’m pretty sure i would have liked it because it was very similar to what i did before moving to DC but, as i said before, i was F’d in the A. basically wasn’t even given a chance. such is my life.

i’m trying to stay positive. i really am. but it’s somewhat difficult given the way things have been going the last few years. it’s also pretty difficult to do that when all i’m doing is sitting at home and thinking. my mind goes 4000 miles a minute and there’s really no way to shut it up. i like to have things to do and things to look forward to. so i’m working on that.

over the next few weeks, i actually have lots to look forward to. thursday is the beginning of what i’ll call “furry fest” and a few friends of mine are going downtown on “safari”. when the furries are in town, it’s always entertaining to just sit in a restaurant downtown and watch the show. it’s the best time for people watching. the. best! this weekend, two of my friends are having parties. one on friday and one on saturday. both should be a good time. on sunday, i have softball and then i have to go to a first birthday party for my friend’s daughter. the weekend after that is fourth of july weekend which is sure to be a good time as well. i stuck with cornhole for the summer as an alternate and i was picked up to play on another softball team. lots of ways to keep busy. i’m going to the beach in august which i’m really looking forward to. this could turn out to be an alright summer. just have to stay positive.

i don’t really have anything of substance to say. just basically here to vent. it’s almost 4am. i should probably be sleeping but i’m not. i’m watching hancock in between iJustine videos. this girl has a pretty sweet gig. i wish i could be as famous as she is for making videos on youtube. maybe i’ll give that a shot. i mean, i could look at unemployment as a bad thing but really, couldn’t it also be considered a good thing? a fresh start? a chance to do what I want to do? is this my chance to be selfish for once in my life and think about me and only me?

FYI, a hot laptop really hurts sunburned thighs. i wouldn’t recommend it.

why i (finally) made the switch and got an iphone and why my life will never be the same

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have you ever been in a long, lengthy relationship with someone who, after coasting through life with not even so much as a speed bump on the road, they do something so retarded you can’t bear the sight of them any longer?

that is how i feel about verizon. and the blackberry storm.

it all started in november of 1999. i had just turned 18 and, rather than get a tattoo to show my independence, i got my belly button pierced. then a few days later, i got my first cell phone. the nokia 5180i.

it was cheap, it had that cool ass snake game, and it had interchangable faceplates… everything that’s important to an 18 year old girl. then a little while later, i got this random software upgrade and – oh my god – suddenly, i could text. my world was turned upside-down.

flash forward 10 years later to august of 2009. i get a text from verizon (my 18 year old mind would have been blown) which says i can now get a new phone at the new contract price even though my current contract didn’t end for another year. all i had to do was sign another two year agreement. no big deal. i’ve had their service for 10 years and didn’t plan on switching any time soon so i figured i would go to the store and take a look around.

and there it was. the blackberry storm. the phone that came out mere months after i got my coveted LG voyager and i kicked myself repeatedly for not waiting a little longer before i got a new phone because this… this was what i REALLY wanted. and not only that, i could get it for FREE. after a mail-in rebate of course.

i was sold. this was the latest “iphone competitor” so it had to be good right? RIGHT?!

i immediately fell in love. it was my first “smartphone” and look at all the shit it can do!! email! facebook! internet! youtube! i didn’t put the thing down for weeks.

all of that happiness started to melt away when i got the dreaded clock symbol for the first time. my phone was frozen, something people warned me about before i got it. but did i listen? nooooooo… so after a few months of wrestling with the stupid thing, i was fed up. my memory, according to the device’s memory meters, was almost completely empty so i could not figure out what was wrong with it. i email customer service at verizon saying that the phone basically sucks any more and i’d like to get a new phone. i stated that i had been a loyal customer of theirs for 10 years and i didn’t want to switch to another carrier but that i felt i had no choice since i was paying for a phone which virtually didn’t work. a rep from verizon emailed me back saying i could take my phone to a verizon store and they would order me a refurbished blackberry to replace my current one. they also let me know what my cancellation fee would be if i did decide to go that route.

bottom line: not helpful at all. i was slightly shocked considering how helpful verizon customer service has been in the past. but i understand, rules are rules.

so one day, after having to pull the battery out of my blackberry literally all day long, i stopped at the verizon store a few blocks from my office to have them look at my phone and figure out what was wrong with it. it was 5:15pm and the store closes at 6. how dare i come in when they have all but 45 minutes left in their day!! the tech guy basically takes my phone, tells me about all the things i have on it that are apparently taking up memory even though my memory is almost empty, then proceeds to delete EVERYTHING. email, apps, even those pesky apps that verizon forces to all of their phones… everything was gone except photos and my contacts. he hands it back to me and says, “there. now it should work.”

seriously? the phone is empty. what is the point of paying for a phone that doesn’t work unless it’s empty? but… i bite my tongue, leave the store (with 15 minutes to spare before closing) and vow to go to another store later that night. less than an hour later, my phone freezes again. i’m livid.

i marched right to the nearest at&t store and immediately felt like i was doing something wrong upon entering. i felt like i was cheating on verizon even though they did me dirty. to make myself feel better about all the cheating, i got myself a shiny new iphone 3GS.

and… holy crap… blackberry? eat your frozen little heart out. this thing is amazing. it’s fast. i already have a shit ton of apps on it (most of which i’ll end up deleting but downloaded for test purposes) and it still runs smooth as hell. i have yet to find a place where service doesn’t exist (one of the many reasons i waited so long to get an iphone – at&t’s service notoriously isn’t as good as verizon – i’ve tested it myself) and haven’t dropped a call yet. like most of apple’s products, it is very user friendly. and i don’t think i’ve put it down since the at&t man handed it to me. let’s hope i’m not eating these words a year from now.

(and before i get comments – ha! – about how i should have waited to get the droid incredible or the iphone 4G that’s coming out soon or any phone other than the iphone that i got, save it. i’ve wanted an iphone for years but couldn’t bring myself to switch to at&t. verizon pushed me over the edge that day. we’ll see how i feel once this contract is up. it’s only two years.)

(i like to use parenthesis.)

UPDATE: a couple days after writing this post, i went to turn my blackberry on so i could sync it to my computer to get all my pictures off of it and the damn thing wouldn’t even turn on. fully charged! wouldn’t turn on! this means that something was definitely wrong with it but thanks to mr. tech guy’s reluctance to help me, verizon lost a customer.

Protected: in a hurry to slow down

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my city

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anyone that knows me knows i’m a proud pittsburgher. i moved away for school for a few years and then back. then i moved to DC for a few months and then i came back. when i moved back the last (and probably final) time, i couldn’t have been happier to be back. DC is great to visit, but i wouldn’t recommend living there. you think pittsburgh traffic is bad? HA! child’s play.

my first “real” job when i moved back to pittsburgh was on the 31st floor of the freemarkets center on 6th ave. the fax machine that i had to use fairly frequently was located literally right up against the window. anyone that knows me also knows that i am terrified of heights. faxing was the scariest part of my day. but one day, i remember going to the fax machine and looking out the window at the buildings around me, the streets below, mount washington, the fort pitt bridge, etc, all of which could be seen from said fax machine area. all of the uneasiness of being literally 2 inches from falling to my death left me and happiness washed over me. i was home.


anyway, the reason for this post is because every day i realize i am not the only one that feels this sense of pride about pittsburgh. we don’t live in the biggest, busiest city ever. pittsburgh isn’t the easiest city to get around. we have potholes year round that would swallow a school bus. the winters are cold and the summers are excrutiatingly hot and humid. but we love it. it’s who we are and we absolutely love it.

in recent years, i’ve been stumbling upon a ton of blogs written by pittsburghers and you can tell just how much they love this city. i’d like to share some of them today.

That’s Church
we all remember pittgirl right? well she’s back and the veil is off. she has revealed her identity but everything (including her hatred for pigeons) is still very much the same. check it out. hilariousness will ensue.

Only In Pittsburgh is a website where people can submit pictures from all over town, most of which you would only see in pittsburgh. they recently had an “oozing pittsburgh” contest and the finalists are on the page right now. voting ends at midnight tonight! (the heinz ketchuposaur is my favorite.)

Old Pittsburgh
i love love LOVE old pictures of pittsburgh. i especially love old pictures of downtown pittsburgh. i work downtown and know what a lot of the streets look like now so seeing pictures of 5th ave from its hey day is always fun. i found this blog today but i’m kind of bummed. it has so much promise but it hasn’t been updated since early 2009 and it was started not too long before that. hopefully the author brings it back soon.

Pittsburgh Bloggers
it’s a HUGE list of bloggers who live in pittsburgh and surrounding areas! what’s not to love??

I Heart Pgh
self-explanatory right?

Pittsburgh Skyline
my mom sent this website to me about a month after i moved to DC, right when the homesickness was kicking in. thanks a lot mom! the photographer for the site doesn’t live in pittsburgh anymore but he frequently returns to take photos. why? because he loves it here and pittsburgh is beautiful!! don’t believe me? click that link above for photographic evidence!

i could go on and on and on and on and on but i won’t. for more great blogs visit

i don’t know when this became a political blog but i promise i’ll stop soon…

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so i’m on the bus heading downtown and i turn my ipod on. somehow, a podcast of “real time with bill maher” from march 13th 2009 wandered on to it. not realizing it said 2009, i start to listen. i quickly realized it was an old episode when bill maher said something about sarah palin’s daughter, bristol, breaking up with her baby daddy, levi… but i continued to listen for old time’s sake.

the guests on this episode were steven pearlstein, andrew breitbart and michael eric dyson. within minutes of listening to pearlstein speaking with maher, he lost any credibility he might have had at the start. maher starts off talking to pearlstein about bernie madoff going to jail that day and how if madoff was a drug dealer, the government would have raided his apartment, seized his things and sold them months ago. pearlstein says, “they DID raid everything that bernie madoff owned and they held it, but he didn’t own that much. that’s the problem, isn’t it?” maher is a little shocked at this statement and, quite frankly, so was i. from wikipedia (yes, i realize wikipedia can be edited by users):

According to a March 13, 2009 filing by Madoff, he and his wife were worth up to $126 million, plus an estimated $700 million for the value of his business interest in Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC. Other major assets included securities ($45 million), cash ($17 million), half-interest in BLM Air Charter ($12 million), a 2006 Leopard yacht ($7 million), jewelry ($2.6 million), Manhattan apartment ($7 million), Montauk home ($3 million), Palm Beach home ($11 million), Cap d’ Antibes, France property ($1 million), and furniture, household goods, and art ($9.9 million).

let’s do the math here kids. that is $941,500,000 roughly. just his seizable assets totaled over $70 million. but he didn’t own that much. [insert eye roll here]

sometimes, i don’t understand where conservatives get their so-called “facts”. but this is really far away from the point of this post.

moving on to andrew breitbart and michael eric dyson, bill maher says breitbart, tonight’s resident conservative, must be a bright guy “because he’s got ‘bright’ right in his name”. breitbart starts out fairly strong and reasonable but takes little time to discredit maher’s assumption. further into the discussion, maher basically says that rush limbaugh is a racist. come on, this isn’t necessarily groundbreaking news. however, breitbart is extremely offended by this. he is totally taken aback that anyone in their right mind could call rush limbaugh a racist. credibility = gone. this sends dyson into a rant and rightfully so. the audience quickly starts booing almost everything breitbart says… and rightfully so! a quick google search will give you many… MANY… quotes from limbaugh that are blatantly racist. i can’t imagine anyone reading these quotes and not agreeing that they are essentially racist.

and this brings me to a problem i’ve noticed lately. actually, since the last election campaign. in all honesty, while i have been leaning to the left as far as my opinions go in recent years (can you blame me?), most of my viewpoints are somewhere around the middle. throughout the entire presidential campaign, the republican side appeared to use fear tactics to get people to vote for their side. nevermind obama’s plans and ideas… he’s a muslim and wasn’t born in the united states and he’s a terrorist and omg the country is going to fall apart with him in office!!!!


and now, after the recent passing of the health care reform bill (woohoo!), the fear mongering continues. [pardon me while i pick on sarah palin for a bit here but she makes it so darn easy!] she was recently quoted:

“That bumper sticker that maybe you’ll see on the next Subaru driving by — an Obama bumper sticker — you should stop the driver and say, ‘So how is that hopey, changey thing working out for ya?'”

so… you want your supporters to stop cars with obama/biden bumper stickers in the middle of the road and start a fight? oh wait, you mean you didn’t want your supporters to take you literally? tell that to harry k. weisiger who took what you said QUITE literally and rammed his SUV into the back of another vehicle several times because it had an obama/biden sticker.

there’s also the twitter update she posted after “obamacare” passed, urging supporters:

don't retreat, reload?

and the map from her website,, using crosshairs to pinpoint the 20 democrats in the house that she’s “targeting”?


i’m beyond words.

the problem isn’t WHAT the sarah palins and rush limbaughs and glenn becks of this country are saying. the first amendment says they can say whatever the hell they want. it’s HOW they say it and WHO they say it to. they’re saying it to millions of people who tune into their radio programs and twitter pages and tv shows who take what they say quite literally. they’re saying it to millions of people who, rather than research what they’ve heard to find if it’s factual or not, will turn around and spew it to other people via their own twitter accounts and facebook pages. then it becomes a virus and we have uninformed people becoming irate and flying off the handle and… well… ramming their car into another car because of a bumper sticker. in case you haven’t noticed, this country is full of crazy people. you need another example? how about 23 year old richard poplawski who shot and killed 3 pittsburgh police officers with an AK-47 last april. and… get this… he was afraid the obama administration was planning to ban guns. where do you think he got THAT idea?

the bottom line is, people are listening. people are believing in you and in your words. people are going to take action no matter how ill-advised that action may be. there’s a certain responsibility that these people in the media need to take for what they say. and true to form, they’d much rather point fingers and flip stories around and deny deny deny.


and that is why my political opinions will lean as far away as i can get from whatever direction those people are heading.

and i will personally pack his bags

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apparently, rush limbaugh stated a while ago that if the health care bill passes, he’ll leave the country. click here if you’d like to sign his farewell card! i did!

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