reverb10 day 2 topic is pretty disappointing…

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i’m not a writer. i’m barely a blogger. far too often, i write something and think “why would anyone care to read this?” but i post it here anyway because, well… this is my blog and i’ll do what i want. if people read it, great. if they don’t, oh well. and if someone reads it and doesn’t like it, not my problem. but today’s prompt seems to be geared towards a person that would actually classify themself as a writer, which i have never claimed to be. i went to school for photography but i don’t call myself a photographer. when i was a waitress, i didn’t go around saying, “hi, i’m alison, waitress extraordinaire. it’s lovely to meet you!”

What do you do each day that doesn’t contribute to your writing, and what can you do to eliminate it?

well, the fact that i’m not a writer doesn’t contribute to my writing. can i eliminate that? it’s pretty hard to eliminate something that isn’t there to begin with. when i go days/weeks/months without posting something on here, it’s mainly because i don’t have anything to say. or i participate in a project like nablopomo or reverb10 and completely forget about it because it’s the weekend and i’m doing other things. my life doesn’t revolve around this little blog of mine. and in all fairness, i don’t want to eliminate that fact.

am i completely misinterpreting today’s prompt?


one word

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#reverb10 says i have to describe 2010 in one word.


if you asked me on january 1st how i thought 2010 was going to go, i probably would have said there’s nowhere to go but up. and january 1st alison would have been right. all in all, i’m a lot happier right now than i was at the beginning of the year.

in january, i was at a job i didn’t like, staring at the same spreadsheet that i had been staring at for the last four months, doing pretty mindless work and i was bored out of my mind. i began a “relationship” that i shouldn’t have. i was settling in all aspects of my life. i ended that ill advised relationship and began to look for another job.

in february, i got the camera that i wanted after only saving for a little over a month. i went on a really fun trip to holiday valley and i was starting to take a few photography classes here and there. things were looking up.

march was a fun month. there were lots of parties to go to, st patrick’s day and parade day, my dodgeball team won the championship, i organized a beer pong tournament at the pub…

april brought a new job (finally!), opening day of baseball, i went to see my favorite band for the second time in less than a year… another really fun month.

may is where 2010 started to head downhill for a bit. may has been a pretty bad month for me for the last few years. i unexpectedly lost the job that i started in april. an ex came back into my life and started playing his games again. bleh… let’s skip this one…

june. i was unemployed and trying to figure out what i wanted to do. i decided to take a month or so off rather than settle for a job that would put me right back where i was at the beginning of the year. i enjoyed my “summer vacation”. i played a lot of softball. i did things to make me happy. i was selfish (in a healthy way) for the first time in my life.

july was a good month. i was still playing a lot of softball, and that’s how and when i met bf. i was contacted regarding a job that sounded very promising. i turtle-sat for a friend while she was on vacation and took advantage of her pool. again, things were looking up.

august and september brought the beginning of another new job, a vacation to ocean city, katey’s first birthday, i ran my first 5k… and sadly, it was the end of the summer. i had a reunion with old roommates in state college which was a blast. i attended podcamp pittsburgh with lindsey. i dragged bf to an awful wedding, but the night didn’t end up being a total loss. i worked. i went out. i had fun.

october and november were pretty great. bf’s birthday, an amazing trip to south carolina and west virginia, i played blackjack for the first time, went to a few halloween parties, celebrated my 29th birthday, survived the worst hangover i have ever had, my car died (sad face) but i got a new one (happy face!), and i made a resolution (even though it’s not new years) to make 2011 better than every year before it. i’m getting my shit together, taking charge and making 2011 my bitch. december 1st alison is in a good place and i’d like it to stay that way.

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