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#reverb10 says i have to describe 2010 in one word.


if you asked me on january 1st how i thought 2010 was going to go, i probably would have said there’s nowhere to go but up. and january 1st alison would have been right. all in all, i’m a lot happier right now than i was at the beginning of the year.

in january, i was at a job i didn’t like, staring at the same spreadsheet that i had been staring at for the last four months, doing pretty mindless work and i was bored out of my mind. i began a “relationship” that i shouldn’t have. i was settling in all aspects of my life. i ended that ill advised relationship and began to look for another job.

in february, i got the camera that i wanted after only saving for a little over a month. i went on a really fun trip to holiday valley and i was starting to take a few photography classes here and there. things were looking up.

march was a fun month. there were lots of parties to go to, st patrick’s day and parade day, my dodgeball team won the championship, i organized a beer pong tournament at the pub…

april brought a new job (finally!), opening day of baseball, i went to see my favorite band for the second time in less than a year… another really fun month.

may is where 2010 started to head downhill for a bit. may has been a pretty bad month for me for the last few years. i unexpectedly lost the job that i started in april. an ex came back into my life and started playing his games again. bleh… let’s skip this one…

june. i was unemployed and trying to figure out what i wanted to do. i decided to take a month or so off rather than settle for a job that would put me right back where i was at the beginning of the year. i enjoyed my “summer vacation”. i played a lot of softball. i did things to make me happy. i was selfish (in a healthy way) for the first time in my life.

july was a good month. i was still playing a lot of softball, and that’s how and when i met bf. i was contacted regarding a job that sounded very promising. i turtle-sat for a friend while she was on vacation and took advantage of her pool. again, things were looking up.

august and september brought the beginning of another new job, a vacation to ocean city, katey’s first birthday, i ran my first 5k… and sadly, it was the end of the summer. i had a reunion with old roommates in state college which was a blast. i attended podcamp pittsburgh with lindsey. i dragged bf to an awful wedding, but the night didn’t end up being a total loss. i worked. i went out. i had fun.

october and november were pretty great. bf’s birthday, an amazing trip to south carolina and west virginia, i played blackjack for the first time, went to a few halloween parties, celebrated my 29th birthday, survived the worst hangover i have ever had, my car died (sad face) but i got a new one (happy face!), and i made a resolution (even though it’s not new years) to make 2011 better than every year before it. i’m getting my shit together, taking charge and making 2011 my bitch. december 1st alison is in a good place and i’d like it to stay that way.


nablopomo fail. reverb10 (and 2011) win?

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nablopomo started off bad. i was what, five days late? but i gave it a solid effort. and i kinda like this attempting to post every day thing, even if i’m just posting the mundane details of my mundane life. it makes me think about a lot of things and i’ll be able to look back on these posts and see how i spent a lot of november 2010.

which is why i decided to participate in reverb10. “Reverb 10 is an annual event and online initiative to reflect on your year and manifest what’s next. The end of the year is an opportunity to reflect on what’s happened, and to send out reverberations for the year ahead.” basically, they will post prompts every day for participants to write about which will help them to reflect on their 2010. i’m really looking forward to this. 2010 has been a pretty good year when all is said and done. there were highs and lows but the highs were pretty high and the lows weren’t really that low (*knock on wood*). i hope this trend continues into 2011. some main things that i want to be different about 2011:

– i want to allow myself to be happy. every time i give this a shot, something happens and sends me into one of those low lows i mentioned before. when things are going well, i’m always on the edge of my seat waiting for the other shoe to drop, for the rug to be pulled out from under me. on one hand, i’m half-prepared for the worst at all times. on the other hand, i don’t allow myself to enjoy when things are going well. hopefully, this new frame of mind will produce a different outcome. i admit it. i’m pretty happy right now and i’d like it to stay that way. i really hope i didn’t just jinx myself…
– i’m going to save more money than i spend. i recently started a savings account and i already have a decent amount in it. i know, i’m 29 years old and i’m just now starting a savings account? believe me, i’m with ya. but up until recently, i didn’t think i made enough to save anything. boy, was i wrong! with the new car (read: new car payments), it forced me to go over my finances and kind of create a mental budget. it made me realize that i spend money on really dumb shit. i’m no longer buying my lunch at work, i’m not going out as much as i used to and even though i’m putting a decent chunk of my paycheck into a different account so it’s out of sight and out of mind, i still have more money left over than i did before i was saving. wtf?
– i’m not going to the camo party in june. we’ll leave it at that.
– i’m going to be more proactive and make things happen. i’ve honestly kinda coasted through life, all but giving up when things seemed difficult. not in all situations but definitely during the really hard times. this is changing. how can you expect things to change if you aren’t willing to put the effort into changing them? well, i’m putting in more effort than i have in the past from now on. i’m crossing things off of that life list that i’ve created. i’m going to make things happen, however small or large those things may be.

just wait and see…

(and btw, i changed my mind about the fuggs. what was i thinking? we’ll call it a brief moment of insanity.)

so… um… it’s been a while…

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updated @ 10:12am, 9/10/10

i haven’t really blogged all summer. i know… i’m such a failure. this summer has been a busy one. very very busy but really pretty amazing. let’s see…

i spent most of the summer unemployed. after the incident with my last job (which i vaguely wrote about here) i just had no desire to spend my summer sitting in an office working some shit job that i didn’t like and basically being unhappy. so i applied for unemployment, got approved, and lived off of that while i looked for something i actually want to do. i started a new job in the beginning of august that i feel i will really like and i’ll be really good at once i learn how to do everything.

i also spent a lot of this summer playing on about a bajillion softball teams (of which one worked out very well for me…). my saturday team won a championship, my sunday team sucked in the playoff tournament and was out after two games and my monday team didn’t even make the playoffs but i was really okay with that.

i went to ocean city maryland with a big group of friends and had an absolute blast. i haven’t been to ocean city since i was 19 and not old enough to go to bars so this ocean city experience was a lot different that past visits. i didn’t get really sunburned, i didn’t spend every morning there hungover, i didn’t go in the water much but it was freakin COLD! but i did lots of things i wanted to do, i did have a great time with everyone that went, i did get my debit card number stolen (!!!!!!!!) and i did make it back in one piece.

i’m looking forward to fall. don’t get me wrong, i love summer but the last month has been hot as hell and when you drive a black car with a broken air conditioner and only 3 windows that go down, it becomes a little unbearable. i really need to get my air conditioning fixed but i just spent $700 on new tires and a few other miscellaneous things in order for my car to pass inspection and after spending more than $800 last year for inspection, i need a break from chucking money at my car.

fall brings a few of my favorite times of year; cooler weather (i.e. hoodie weather!), pretty colors, halloween, MY BIRTHDAY, thanksgiving, etc… my boyfriend has been asking what i want for my birthday and even though it’s a little over two months away, i figured i would put together a list, not unlike my christmas list from 2009. in fact, a few things are leftover from that one, which is fine. man, i’m a big ball of ramble tonight.

  • i still want my shamrock bracelet from tiffany. again, it’s an out of the ordinary “want” for me but it is what it is. it has a shamrock on it and therefore, i want it.
  • i’d also still like a gps. yeah, my iphone has a good map app (that rhymed) on it, but it’s still kinda dangerous to drive and look at my phone. i don’t really care what kind i get. i just linked this one because it’s reasonably priced, has free lifetime traffic updates and got good reviews.
  • a flip camcorder would be awesome. my DSLR takes HD video but it’s a little bulky to carry around all the time. i’ve been posting a lot of videos to my youtube channel lately and having them in HD would be awesome.
  • iphone gloves! gloves you can wear while you use your iphone!!! how cool is that??
  • i still want a macbook pro but i’ll settle for the cheaper macbook. the last time i spent more than $1000 on a laptop (*cough*dell*cough*), i was severely disappointed so i’m trying not to spend a lot this time around. and the little white macbook is so… LITTLE! and light! and cute! want.
  • a nikon 35mm lens for my camera. i couldn’t decide between a 50mm or a 35mm lens but after reading reviews and specs, i found out that the auto focus on the 50 mm lens isn’t supported with my camera. plus, the 35mm is cheaper. 35mm wins!
  • any pittsburgh t-shirt or sweatshirt you can find. i like humorous stuff. i’m somewhere around a men’s medium/women’s large-extra large since women’s stuff tends to run small and the sizes are weird.
  • that’s all i can think of right now. it’s late and i’m rambling so i’ll shut up.

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    so far in 2010…

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    we’re on day 12 here in 2010. so far? not too bad! the steelers didn’t make the playoffs and the pens are in a slump but… that really doesn’t have anything to do with me personally. just bums me out.

    as far as IIIII go… doing well. new years eve/day was a good time. i went to a party with a bunch of friends and, while i honestly don’t remember the 2nd half of the night, it was fun. the next day was marisa’s birthday so more partying was in order. i was way more well behaved that time.

    at work, i got moved from my small building to a bigger building with way more people around in a way more high-profile spot. i’ve actually been working pretty hard and feel like i accomplished something at the end of the day. weird, isn’t it?

    lindsey got a new job and moved to erie so i officially have no more close work friends. i mean, i have people i still talk to but nobody i can really TAAALK to. i guess that also helps with all the work i’m getting done eh?

    the winter cornhole season started and my team won our first game 3-0. we really killed the other team. i felt bad for a second then i got over it. turns out, that team went and complained to the league about cornhole being very disorganized so… i have a new 2nd “job” as cornhole commissioner. haha… i basically get paid to hang out and make sure games are played on time and answer any questions people might have. not a bad gig.

    saving up for my camera is officially underway and in less than 2 weeks, i have saved up $175. i figure if i keep this up, i’ll have my camera by march! THAT is really exciting. doesn’t take much to get me going. i’ve also found all kinds of other gizmos i kinda want. i had heard about this girl, iJustine and started reading her blog again. she has all kinds of neat stuff. she’s from pittsburgh and she’s close to my age but… i’m not sure if she has an actual job other than blogging and she gets to do all kinds of cool stuff. anyway, she was holding this thing called a flip camcorder. it’s a video camera that is no bigger than an ipod but they can shoot HD video and they’re fairly inexpensive. that will possibly be my next purchase after i get my digital SLR. unless i feel the need to start saving up for that macbook…

    as for other things i want to accomplish this year… the holiday weight is coming off pretty quickly. but my weight fluctuates so much to begin with, i’m not very surprised. i haven’t joined a gym or anything yet but i’m waiting for the new year resolution crowd to die down. gyms are pretty busy for about the first month of the year and attendance starts to dwindle once people give up.

    hmmm… that’s really about it for right now. just saving saving saving! if i can have one of my 2010 goals done in march, that would be quite an accomplishment!

    happy new year?

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    so i was going to write a post about how badly 2009 sucked. because quite frankly, it did. i’ve never been an optimist so why start now, right? i mean, i lost a job. i got a new job i don’t like that much and pays pretty poorly. a relationship ended and it was quite possibly the hardest break-up i’ve had to deal with. then the other half of that relationship continued to torment me and make me miserable for a number of months afterwards. michael jackson died. patrick swayze died. farrah fawcett died. a gross amount of other celebrities died. a former classmate died way too young. the pirates sucked again. the steelers are kinda sucking as well…

    and then i read this post from “girls just wanna have funds” and it made me think about a lot of things. so rather than write a post about how much 2009 sucked, i will list things that were pretty awesome (in no particular order):

  • my family and friends are all healthy (*knocks on wood*) and happy.
  • my new “neice” katelyn was born in august!
  • i’ve actually had a job for most of 2009. 2008 brought a lot of bad luck for me on the job front.
  • i met some pretty amazing people and made lots of new friends.
  • the steelers won the superbowl.
  • the pens won the stanley cup.
  • i haven’t had any major expenses pop up to stress me out (again *knocks on wood*).
  • my brother got engaged.
  • i got to go on vacation with friends to hilton head. my first vacation in years!!!
  • i finally got to see my favorite band LIVE! even if i had to go to cleveland for it.
  • found the best nachos EVER while in cleveland. no lie. and i will continue to talk about this until i find something comparable in pittsburgh.
  • my high school reunion was in november and it was an absolute blast. it was so great seeing everyone again!
  • for as many times as people have let me down this year, the same amount of people have surprised me. i’m taking a chance on someone right now who wouldn’t give up on me, even after being told again and again it wouldn’t happen. and so far, i’m glad i took that chance.
  • i’ve realized over and over again how great my best friends really are and why i am so glad they are in my life.
  • a new year is in essence a “fresh start”. granted, you can’t put last year completely behind you but like that post says, rather than carry a supposed “bad year” into a new one, do exactly what the new year implies. make it new. do what you can to make it better than this year. you know what went wrong this year so try to not make the same mistakes in the new year. and rather than make a list of resolutions (because we all know how resolutions usually end up), these are reasons why 2010 will be awesome:

  • cliche? yes. but i am going to lose weight and just get healthier in general in 2010.
  • i am going on a hunt for my niche and i am going to find it or at least be well on my way to finding it by the end of 2010.
  • i will save up enough money to buy a digital SLR camera which will hopefully help me find my niche. it’s all connected really… hehe.
  • i am also going to save enough money on a monthly basis so that i can move out of my parents’ house (again!) and get my own place. i’m 28 for eff’s sake.
  • i am going to try to not focus on the negative so much (hey, it’s the way i was raised) and rather focus on positive aspects of life. this should bring an overall happier me for 2010. hopefully. (this is my attempt at optimism. just roll with it.)
  • check back in 12 months to see how i’m doing. or before that of course. i’d like my 2 readers to keep reading… 😉

    realistic christmas list

    December 4, 2009 at 4:21 pm | Posted in Thoughts | 1 Comment

    okay, i’m caving. i couldn’t think of anything for weeks but i came up with a semi short list of more realistic gift ideas.

    first, a gps.

    i have one on my phone, but it doesn’t do the turn by turn thing. i’m not a moron. i can navigate myself without needing a little computerized voice telling me where to turn and whatnot, but not having to constantly look at my blackberry in my lap while i’m driving would definitely be a little safer. i’m not picky as to what kind of gps i get. i don’t need a subscription for traffic updates or anything like that. just a gps. kthnx.

    next, an xbox 360.

    (i post pictures to avoid confusion when i send this link to my parents and siblings. hehe.) i have a playstation 2 that i use to play games (obviously) and also as a dvd player. however, it won’t recognize any new dvds that i buy. i just got this pretty huge tv and i can’t watch movies on it because my ps2 won’t recognize them. plus, i’d like to get rockband and waiting for rockband to load on a ps2 will pretty much have me jumping out a window. i’m just sayin…

    next, and more realistically, “fresh prince of bel air” on dvd.

    i love, love, LOVE this show. i would like to watch it from start to finish like i’ve done with “friends”, “sex and the city”, “the office”, “how i met your mother”, etc. i apparently have too much time on my hands.

    next, “slc punk” on dvd.

    i rented this movie years ago at the suggestion of my brother i think and i loved it. everytime i see it sold somewhere, it’s like $30. i’m a cheap ass. i’m not spending $30 on a dvd. (this is why i want an xbox 360 rather than a ps3. i won’t be buying blu-ray dvds anytime soon.) i’m sure it’s cheaper now as the movie is a couple years older but i’m also a lazy ass and don’t feel like looking for it. i’m sure amazon has some copies floating around that can be bought on the cheap.

    neeeeexxxxt, best buy gift cards.

    this is honestly what i want the most. i really want to get the digital slr i wrote about in my “unrealistic list” and i figure if i get gift cards instead of money, it will plant a seed in my head that i only have X amount of money to save before i can get said camera. rather than money, which i can deposit in my bank account and absentmindedly spend on garbage.

    last, but not least, gift cards to various stores so i can buy new clothes.

    i’m tired of looking like a homeless person at work. i’m told i don’t really look that bad but i’d like to look like i get paid more than i actually do. you know… maybe if i dress the part, it’ll happen? probably not, but… i need more clothes. i have a lot of garbage that i picked up at various stores over the years that i still wear and people say i look okay but… meh. i’m underwhelmed when i have to get dressed for work in the morning. i’m starting to get a little ballsier and experimental when it comes to fashion (if that’s what you want to call it) outside of work so why not bring that into work? when i say “ballsier and experimental”, i mean thinking outside the “black dress pants and sweater” box. some of the stores where i like to shop for work clothes are ny and company (pretty cheap and i like their stuff) and kohl’s (great deals!). i also like target too.

    so that’s my list for now. spend away! and tell me what you want because i’m completely lost when buying gifts too. otherwise, i’ll start making gifts and nobody wants that.

    and the list keeps growing…

    December 1, 2009 at 9:24 am | Posted in Thoughts | 3 Comments

    now, along with my crazy expensive digital SLR camera that i want for christmas, i also want a gorillapod. it’s a flexible tripod that you can apparently mount anywhere like this…

    and this…

    and this…

    and this…

    how cool is that?? and it’s only $50. want.

    p.s. lasik surgery would be nice too! i’m practically blind without my contacts and they’re a pain in the ass!

    unrealistic christmas list, continued…

    November 27, 2009 at 10:03 am | Posted in Thoughts | Leave a comment

    i’d also like a segway. it would make getting around downtown a lot easier.

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