Life List

i got this idea from nicole is better and doniree. i hope they don’t mind me stealing it but i have all these life goals that i want to accomplish and this is a good way to write them down and check them off as i go. so thanks ladies! even though you don’t know me… πŸ™‚

it’s starting small but as i think of things that i want to do, i can add them. this is my blog after all…

1. visit ireland
2. visit every US state (21/50)
3. see a baseball game at fenway park
4. go to boston for st patrick’s day
5. get a passport
6. get a tattoo
7. get out of debt (student loans included… ugh)
8. see a movie by myself
9. get my own apartment (again)
10. dye my hair (maybe)
11. go to the gym routinely
12. take photos in yosemite national park like ansel adams
13. see phantom of the opera
14. visit NYC (again)
15. ride in an NYC taxi cab
16. go to SXSW
17. visit all the smithsonian museums in DC (air and space museum, oct 2009)
18. visit LA
19. be in a movie (being an extra counts!)
20. see U2 live
21. do stand up at an open mic night
22. get over my diet pepsi addiction
23. meet a US president
24. protest something
25. go on a cross-country road trip
26. put my toes in the pacific ocean
27. get married
28. have one of my photographs published
29. write a book
30. go skydiving (eep!)
31. run a 10K
32. own a house
33. drive across the golden gate bridge
34. go to vegas for my 30th birthday
35. make something completely from scratch (nov 24, 2010)
36. see the eiffel tower (it would take a miracle to get me to the top of it)
37. go to the top of the empire state building
38. go to the bahamas
39. stay at one job for more than 2 years
40. buy a designer purse
41. have a child (that’s right, i said it)
42. throw the first pitch at a MLB game (i’d totally make it over the plate!)
43. sing the national anthem at a sporting event
44. win (another) karaoke contest
45. win a costume contest
46. start a life list and publish it somewhere (oct 20, 2010)
47. get a full body makeover
48. establish a savings account (nov 17, 2010)
49. crowd surf
50. get a massage
51. take a yoga class
52. take a bikram yoga class
53. eat buffalo wings in buffalo, NY
54. go to the andy warhol museum
55. go to hawaii
56. see pearl harbor
57. buy a mac computer
58. buy a car that is brand new, never used
59. get down to my goal weight and stay there
60. own a house
61. cook a whole meal completely from scratch


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