my week of fail continues…

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monday was alright. tuesday was awful. wednesday was almost as awful. thursday was alright. friday? really could go either way.

so far, i got up and got showered and ready just in time to run down a hill that looks like this:

and is this steep:

and i didn’t fall. AND i made it to the bus with plenty of time! AND i had enough change to actually get on the bus! AND the bus got me to work with time to spare! LOOK AT ME GO!

however… i forgot my camera. well, i didn’t actually forget my camera. i left it at home because i knew i would be running down that hill and if i ran down that hill with a very expensive piece of camera equipment anywhere on my person*, it would surely break. and i wanted to bring my camera because tonight is light up night.

i’ve never been to light up night but it will surely provide plenty of photo opportunities. i have my fujifilm point-and-shoot but i just don’t know if it will do. well, it will have to do since my nikon is at home, but… i’m sad.

and i don’t feel very well. hopefully that goes away before tonight.

* i don’t understand that phrase “on my person”. the camera would be on me not on my person. i don’t have a person walking around with me that i keep shit on. “excuse me, but where is your ladle?” “oh, it’s on my person right here.” someone explain this to me.

(update: my camera’s battery died so all i have is one picture and a short video on my phone. also, there was a riot and someone was shot downtown that night. ah… the joys of the holiday season!)


my christmas list for 2010

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it’s a short one.

(photo credit:


(photo credit: auto week)


mazda 3
(photo credit:

manual transmission please. as you can see, i’m a fan of the gunmetal gray color… so make it happen!

bad few days…

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(i wrote this last night and apparently just saved it as a draft rather than post it. fail.)

this is how my week has gone:

– email at work is down for close to two hours while literally everyone i work with is at a meeting that i was not invited to.
– finally get email up and running and see reprimanding message from “superior” asking me why i haven’t sent an email to a client. ummm… because i didn’t have email.
– micro-managed all day. i hate being micro-managed.
– skip the happy hour after work because i just want to go home and get ready for a friend’s surprise birthday dinner.
– car overheats on the way to the dinner. my car never overheats.
– wait in line for 20 minutes at kmart to buy coolant so i can get my car home. there were only 5 people in front of me, each with only one or two items to buy. slowest. checkout line. EVER!
– late to birthday dinner. miss the surprise.
– order nachos at birthday dinner that are supposed to be amazing. these nachos are not amazing. in fact, they are downright gross.
– car all but explodes on the way home due to more overheating. but i got it home.
– notice insane amounts of antifreeze on the dip stick when i randomly check it. not good.

– call boss to tell him i’ll be a half hour late to work due to car issues (or lack of car issues).
– arrive at 9:30.
– more micro-managing. i promise i’m able to handle things on my own.
– reprimanded by boss for being late even though i called.
– dangerously close to bursting into tears all day long.
– lose in first round of dodgeball playoffs because once again, the referee we had was awful and the other team couldn’t have cheated more. after blantant hits to the chest and legs, they say “oh, that didn’t hit me” and the ref didn’t see it either. NO CLUE WHAT REF WAS LOOKING AT.
– engine is now completely full of antifreeze. i need a new engine. awesome.

drinking has never made me happier than it is right now. i realize i sound like an alcoholic, but i promise i’m not. it’s just keeping me sane today. softening the blow. bf is coming over. that and lots of sleep should help.

(update: it did. 🙂 )

ten on tuesday

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i have a good idea for a blog post but i’m working out the kinks. sorta. while i do that, read my answers to these questions that i saw on roots and rings via doniree!

1. What is your favorite breakfast pastry?
cheese danishes

(photo credit: closet cooking)

2. Were you ever in a Thanksgiving or Christmas play?
not a *play* but my preschool class sang a bunch of christmas songs one day for the parents. i have video. it’s cute.

3. What is your favorite clothing accessory?
i’m not the most stylish person in the world so i don’t have many clothing accessories but i dig my scarves. i hate having a cold neck so i have a lot of them.

4. What is your favorite item of clothing?
this is a tough one, because again, i’m not very stylish. though i’d like to be! i really like my hooded sweatshirts. nothing is better than pulling one of those over your head on a cool fall day.

5. What is your favorite color and why?
black. i wear a lot of black. it matches everything. it’s easy to accessorize (when i actually accessorize). it’s apparently slimming. and most black cars look awesome after a fresh wash/wax. my second favorite color would have to be purple.

6. What is your favorite type of Christmas cookie?
snickerdoodles!!! it’s also a really funny word. i like funny words.

7. What is your favorite scent (food, perfume/lotion)?
chanel chance, acqua di gio, spackle (i’m weird, i get it), coconut lime verbena body lotion from bath and body works, and thanksgiving dinner cooking.

8. What is your favorite household cleaner?
windex. i use it for everything and it’s actually pretty effective.

9. When you were a kid what did you want to be when you grew up? And what did you actually grow up to be?
i wanted to be a lawyer and an actress and a singer. i am none of those. but i still wouldn’t mind being any of them. as for what i grew up to be, that is still to be determined…

10. What is the last song or album you bought?
tchaikovsky – the nutcracker… don’t judge me. i’m hoping i get to go see that this christmas!



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so once again, i fail at posting on the weekend. i had a fairly busy but relaxing weekend, and i blame it on that. i really don’t think i touched my computer for 3 days. let’s not mention the fact that i am able to blog from my phone. shhhhh…

“date night” was a really great time. bf and i went to dinner at joe’s crab shack and i had quite possibly the best meal i’ve ever had: salmon orleans. just… look…

SO GOOD! i substituted the rice for a side of their cheesy new potatoes (which were also amazing) and green beans. seriously, nothing else that i ate for the rest of the weekend compared. i’m sad. we need to go back there ASAP. and i think that’s the first time i’ve ever ordered salmon at a restaurant. i might have to make a habit of that.

then we went to see bon journey which was a very good band but… they played for like 45 mins and then disappeared for what seemed like over an hour. which was enough to make us lose focus, pay our bill and go elsewhere.

we stopped at silky’s in bloomfield for a few drinks before heading home and playing wii resort for god knows how long. it was a very fun night. we decided that we have to make “date night” a habit.

saturday was the 8th anniversary of two friend’s of mine buying their bar so bf and i went out to celebrate with them. and celebrate we did! i felt the repercussions of that night for a little while on sunday morning but it was nothing like i felt last sunday thank god. i never want to experience that again so i was definitely a little more careful this time around.

sunday i watched the steelers lose to the patriots with a 3 year old sleeping on my lap. what could be better? aside from, you know, watching the steelers beat the patriots with a 3 year old sleeping on your lap. hmmph…

i’m really going to try to post something every day from now til december 5th or whenever i started this little challenge. i have no excuse other than i can never think of anything to write about. the nablopomo website gives some pretty deep subjects as suggestions but i tend to go for the light, funny side of things… or the completely lame side of things and use this blog like it’s my diary. i highly doubt complete strangers (if any even read this) care what i ate on friday night. hell, friends probably don’t care much either. but it was REALLY GOOD!!!

i have 32 mins to post something

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i started another post (actually i finished it) but i hated it so you won’t be seeing that one. nablopomo couldn’t have come at a worse time. there really isn’t anything going on in november, aside from my birthday which was a blast but i completely dropped the ball on that post. if i wrote about my day to day life at the moment, it would basically be like, “i woke up, went to work, came home, the end.” because that’s about how it’s going at the moment. the most exciting thing that happened to me this week was coming in third place in my cornhole league championship tournament on tuesday. that’s actually pretty impressive since it was the first season my boyfriend and i were on a team together and we had quite a rough start.

tomorrow night, the bf and i are going to see bon journey. that’s right. bon journey. a cover band that only plays songs by bon jovi and journey. it’s gonna be legen… wait for it…

okay, that was lame. moving on…

i’m really looking forward to the show. i love going to see live bands and i’ve wanted to see this particular band for years. saturday, we might be going to cleveland to see another band but that all depends on how tomorrow night goes and how we feel saturday morning.

i’m thinking of somehow trying to incorporate videos into this blog. i take a lot of pictures when i’m out somewhere and i remember i have my camera with me. my camera also has a video function that i actually use pretty frequently so i might start editing some videos together and posting those rather than trying to write about them. let’s face it… a video of my trip to south carolina/west virgina would have been MUCH more interesting. so… maybe we’ll try that out this weekend. stay tuned…

“sprocket” is a funny word

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anyone have an iphone out there? isn’t autocorrect the best thing ever? in some circumstances, yes. but a friend of mine sent me a website today that is nothing but screen shots of text conversations that contain seriously hilarious autocorrect fails:

this one made me LOL for reals…


confession #7

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it makes me sad when i log on to google reader and see that someone that writes a blog i really like hasn’t posted something that day.

big huge fat epic bucket of fail

November 8, 2010 at 10:03 am | Posted in Drunken Adventures, NaBloPoMo | 3 Comments

so… this posting every day for a month thing? i already failed. miserably. i missed saturday and sunday, but with good reason, i swear! saturday was my birthday party at the pub. i got there around 5 and don’t really remember anything after about 8 or 9. i remember bits and pieces but a good portion is significantly hazy. i remember tequila. i remember drinking from the biggest beer mug in the world. i remember dancing like a complete idiot (but i did that on purpose). i remember burger king.

sunday was the worst day of my life. okay, that’s a slight exaggeration. but i woke up on sunday morning at about 5am panicking because i had no idea where i was and i couldn’t find my phone. i walked out of the bedroom i was in and immediately realized i was at my friend amber’s house. *whew!* but i still couldn’t find my phone. i went downstairs and looked around, went out to the garage and dug through their car… nothing. i found a house phone and, rather than call my phone to help me find it, i call my boyfriend while he’s at work so he can call my phone. makes sense right? ummm… sure. i walk back up to the bedroom and see my phone laying right in the middle of the floor. duh.

so after those two problems were handled, it hit me. hello hangover! seriously. worst… hangover… ever! i’ve never been so sick in my life. couple that with an awful headache and a strong desire to die and there you have it… my sunday!

i spent the rest of the day eating whatever greasy food i could hold down, drinking copius amounts of water and wendy’s iced tea, and trying my best to not move from my bed once i got home. coming up with something to write about for the day just was not on my mind. it was about survival at that point.

so what’s the moral of the story here?

1) when going out for your birthday, be sure to eat beforehand.
2) tequila is not your friend. neither is tullamore dew.
3) burger king only tastes good the first time around.

learn from my mistakes, people! that’s what i’m here for.

this is hard…

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it’s only the 2nd day that i’m doing nablopomo and i’m kinda out of things to write about. there’s a page on the site that gives you ideas for things to write about but… the topic today was kinda lame. i wrote one paragraph, decided it sucked and gave up. hmmm… better luck tomorrow!

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